Student Group Elder/Leader-Taiwan

To reproduce the coffee shop/outreach center concept for reaching students in rural areas of Taiwan where there are universities.

We are looking for a mature couple(s) who have raised a family to be aunties and uncles to these young 20 somethings. With many family issues among the students, your love and faithfulness to Jesus will guide them as they learn to follow him. We would love another couple who could open another student coffee shop for the purpose of teaching Bible studies, loving and counseling students, helping with English learning, playing games, and even providing the occasional meal.

The ideal candidates for this role would be a spiritually mature and knowledgeable couple who can already speak Mandarin and/or Taiwanese. They would also need to have experience in leading Bible studies (one-on-one and in groups) and in discipleship/mentoring. Having experience of doing this among young people would be a plus!

Young people and college students from working class backgrounds need your help. The Student Group Leader will collaborate with a team to evangelize and disciple the people, and to prepare local servant-leaders to become co-workers in leading the current ministry of training students. They will:

  • Live among the unreached people group, learning their language and culture before beginning formal ministry
  • Teach the Bible in formal and informal settings
  • Evangelize and disciple the people
  • Identify and equip native leaders to evangelize their own people, who are primarily an unreached people group
  • Encourage and come alongside local church leaders to disciple believers in a life-on-life manner
  • Develop current and future church leaders with Biblical and practical leadership skills