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Prayer is Vital to Global Missions…

Prayer for global missions changes our hearts as we learn more about the world and rejoice in lives changed by the gospel. Thank you for caring enough about prayer to reach this page! May you grow in faith and joy as you partner with us in praying for the nations.

Specific Ways to Pray

  • Join us in praying for our missionary families, new believers, and the work of planting new churches among unreached people groups.
  • Form a prayer group that meets regularly. Use the monthly prayer calendar as well as updates you receive from missionaries you know personally to form a prayer team that consistently and routinely blesses our ministry.
  • Take a different kind of mission trip and pray on-site at one of our field prayer conferences. Locations vary each year – contact us for details!
  • Pray for missionaries, specifically that God will continue to make us aware of the needs of the people we serve and how to most effectively reach them with the Good News.
  • Pray for the world—that God’s glory will be known among the unreached, the suffering, the poor, and the persecuted.

This Month

Plas Prai - New School Year

Pray for the 10th graders at the high school dorm in Cambodia. They have been attending a Firm Foundations class each week and are learning about the Savior. None of them were believers upon arrival, but we are already starting to see spiritual fruit.

Staff at Plas Prai

Pray for our current volunteer staff at Plas Prai and pray for clarity on staffing for next year (School year starts in January). Our current houseparent will be transitioning to a support role as he seeks to do more church planting in the community. Our faithful disciple has returned from her mission trip to Kenya and will take the reins at the Plas Prai. She needs your prayers!

Families Coming to Know Christ

Praise- Recently, nine adult family members of Plas Prai students from four different remote villages came together to learn more clearly what the gospel is. They have been hearing the good news from their Plas Prai students, and their interest is growing. After about 24 hours together and hearing the gospel spelled out through an overview of biblical history, all nine confirmed their faith in Christ and desire to keep learning and following after Jesus.

Three Cambodian Interns

Please pray for our three interns as they continue to build relationships and introduce Christ to two local villages through English classes. The English classes have been attracting up to 60 kids at a time, introducing many challenges as well as opportunities. Please pray for endurance for these amazing young ladies.

Latin American Initiative

This arm of World Team has a number of Latinos who desire to share the gospel with the unreached. Pray for the LAI as they seek to facilitate the mobilization of Latinos to World Team fields.

Children's Program in Park

Workers in Spain recently held a week-long program for children in which they were able to preach the gospel to kids, parents, and grandparents. Please pray that the seed planted will give fruit for God’s glory!

Need for More Disciples

Praise-One of our churches in Spain has been pleasantly surprised by the amount of new people attending church this year. A great need for discipleship has become obvious. They have started some new discipleship meetings, but they need to equip more people for the task. Pray that individuals within their ministry would be called to disciple others.

Extended Families

Pray for our missionaries with elderly or sick family members back in their sending countries. It can be hard not to be with them. Pray for wisdom as to when to travel home and ask the Lord to give them ways to stay connected and be involved as needed. Pray for the stress this adds to some of our families.

Setting Down Roots

Pray for those who have been on the field for two years or less. Pray that they would find success (and not too much stress) in language learning. Pray also that they would develop relationships, fall in love with the culture, and most importantly, be “rooted and established in his love” (Eph. 3:17.)

Chronic Bronchial Infections

Pray for one of our families in South America who has been struggling with respiratory issues over the past year. The father and one of the children recently had to be hospitalized for pneumonia. Praise the Lord that they were able to get good medical care quickly. Pray that whatever is causing this would be resolved.

Haiti Bible School Building Project

Praise God that the second story project at the Bible School in Haiti is progressing. The walls are up! Pray for the remaining $100,000 (estimate) that needs to be raised for the full project to be completed. 


One of our families gave a loving home to an infant seven years ago. Due to red tape within the government of the country they serve in, it has taken all these years for the adoption to be official. They have not been able to return to the US for seven years as they could not take their child out of the country. Praise the Lord that she is now their daughter/sister, both in their heart and legally. Pray that they can get a visa and passport for her so they can visit family and supporters in the States.


Another one of our missionaries adopted an infant that she helped deliver 12 years ago. She was able to bring the child to the US a couple of years ago but has been unable to return to the field due to the inability to secure a US passport for her daughter. Praise the Lord that the passport was received in late August, and they will be back in Cameroon in early September.

National Worker Project

Our National Worker Project raises funds for those who were born and raised in the countries they serve. A majority of these workers do not have the means to raise funds as they reside in a mostly unreached and/or impoverished land. Pray that ample provisions would be provided so these ministers can focus more time on sharing the gospel and still provide for their families.

World Team Golf Classic

Pray for all the preparation for our golf fundraising event that will take place the first week of October. Pray that everything will come together, that the weather will cooperate, and that many donors will come out to learn more about the ministry and give generously as God leads them.

Missions Coaches

Pray for our missions coaches as they are gearing up to visit college campuses, share about World Team, and invite students to consider missions. Pray for safety in travel and health as they interact with many people from around the nation. Pray that God would direct them to those upon whom he has placed his call for missions.

Last Month

World Team Conference

Praise the Lord for the 3C Conference, which took place July 18-23 in Thailand. World Team missionaries from all over the world met for a time of community, collaboration, and celebration. Stories were told, lessons shared, plans made, prayers lifted, and all had a sweet time of fellowship in the Lord. This month’s prayer requests were gathered from the conference.

Potential Partnership with Ethiopian Missionaries

Pray for this potential partnership with our missionaries in Cameroon and Chad.

Esimbi New Testament

Praise God that the Esimbi New Testament is in its final stages of printing in South Korea. Pray that God will prepare the Esimbi people to receive his Word with open hearts of faith and obedience.

Baka Translators

Praise God for sending Bible translators to work with the Baka after decades of prayer. They will soon finish their first term which consists of learning the Baka language and culture while forming crucial relationships.

Oroko New Testament

Praise God for the completion of the Oroko New Testament. Give thanks to God for the many people who labored in making this translation a reality.

Teachers Needed

Pray for teachers with a heart to serve Cameroonians and missionary kids at Rain Forest International School.


World Team is currently in the process of expanding into five new fields- Belgium, Paraguay, Jordan, Chad, and South Asia. Pray for leaders, workers, visas, and upcoming vision trips.

Compassion Fatigue

Pray for our workers who serve in high-need areas- spiritual, physical, and mental. Pray that they might minister out of the Lord’s provision and not their own.

Australia Sending Center

World Team has sending centers in the US, Canada, and Australia. Pray for our Australia center, as they are excited to start sending missionaries to France and Central Asia. This is a big step for them, so pray for wisdom, grace and a clear path.

CORE Team Workers

World Team values workers from all around the Globe. After receiving the saving grace of Christ, some of our church plant members desire to serve as missionaries themselves. We also have individuals {who were already Christians when we arrived) show a desire to work with us in their home country. Pray for these workers- that they would be able to raise the funds to support themselves and they would feel a valuable part of World Team.

Leader Cohort

World Team believes in training young leaders for the future. We have three-year leadership cohorts in which several young missionaries are trained and developed to lead others in ministry. In the past five years, five of our Field Leaders have come out of the cohort. Pray that these young leaders would grow in their faith and their abilities and would become strong leaders among their peers and the people they serve.

Unexpected Transition

Continue to pray for the unexpected expulsion from one of our fields (due to changes in local government.) Pray for wisdom and clarity on how to move forward. Pray for peace as our missionaries deal with the emotions that go with this significant change. Pray for the children who were suddenly uprooted from the land they have lived most of their lives in. Pray for future opportunities to share the gospel in the now-closed country.

Workers Needed for Italy

Our Italy field is shrinking. Pray for more workers. Pray also for a vision trip in the planning process with some of our Latin American workers.

Visa Issues

It is becoming increasingly difficult to secure long-term visas in many European countries. Pray that our workers would be able to find ways to obtain these visas (through partnerships with local organizations, by developing local businesses or via any other creative -but legal- means.)

Member Care

Pray for those who serve our missionaries through resources, retreats, and counseling. Pray that they would know how to identify and meet the unique needs of our workers. Pray specifically that they would know and meet the needs of our CORE Team (National workers.)

Tribal Missionaries in Canada

Tribal members from the Amazon Rain Forest are now sending missionaries to Canada to work with related First Nation groups in Canada. Praise God! He has brought light into darkness, and now that light is shining forth. Pray for funding, health, and the gospel to be spread among these far-distant relatives.