Church Planter / College Minister – The Philippines

World Team:

World Team is an interdenominational Christian mission agency with more than 350 workers sharing the gospel in 28 countries. We place innovative teams among unreached peoples with the goal of seeing disciples brought into communities of faith that will multiply and impact the world for Jesus Christ.

Position Summary: 

This Church Planter / College Minister will assist in launching and running a new church plant, leading bible studies, discipling new Christians, and developing church leaders. They will also develop and run workshops for college students to build contacts for outreach evangelism, gather these contacts into evangelistic bible studies, and engage in general outreach to a younger population student population.


Character traits expected of this candidate include flexibility, resilience, interest in other cultures and peoples, and a genuine love for the lost. The ministry context involves subtle but persistent persecution for Christians as well as subtle but pervasive spiritual warfare, so spiritual maturity is important to navigate the challenges caused by these. World Team values high immersion into the local culture and context, so the optimal candidate will be willing to work hard to learn the local language as well as assimilate into the local culture.

The ideal candidate has the following:

  • Some biblical and theological training (formal or informal) to be able to handle scripture well, lead bible studies and recognize and deal with problematic theology (a persistent problem)
  • Some experience (at least 1-2 years in a volunteer or vocational capacity) ministering to college students or youth
  • Commitment can range from mid to long (1 year to 4+ years)
  • Skills Needed: relational evangelism, ability to teach bible studies  
  • Willingness to invest in learning another language (Tagalog/Bikol)


The Church Planter / College Minister is directly accountable to the Naga City Team Lead for their day-to-day ministry. The Philippine Field Leadership Team provides oversight and leadership above the Team Lead.


Church Planter / College Minister will work on a team to provide leadership, assistance, and training in church planting and college ministry.

 They will:

  • Plan, develop, and lead Bible studies for small groups
  • Prepare and preach sermons on an occasional basis
  • Lead evangelistic events from planning to execution
  • Assist in the leadership and organization of church plants
  • Assist in the development of new local church and ministry leaders
  • Study (at a local language school in the Philippines) and learn to communicate, minister, teach, and preach in Tagalog
  • As part of the Philippine Field, this role will participate in field-level activities, including the yearly field conference, regular prayer meetings, and other tasks as needed. This role will also take part in quarterly reviews that assist and guide the missionary to reaching ministry and personal goals.
  • As a supported missionary, this role will be responsible for managing their own support funds, including submitting expense reports, support raising, and general budgeting of personal/support resources in appropriate ways.

Anticipated Outcomes:

The Church Planter / College Minister will be responsible for working toward the following:

  • New, healthy, and appropriately self-sufficient/sustainable church plants
  • College ministry reaching unreached students in Naga City and engaging them in healthy churches
  • Discipled and mature believers
  • Trained and launched leaders in the church, ministry, and general life

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