GC Kids

Give your kids a heart for global missions! Inspire them with stories of how we can share God’s love with unreached people groups.



When a Hurricane Was Good

Most Haitian people are very poor and there are few jobs they can find. Even before the hurricane, some teenage boys kept asking us for jobs so they could pay for school expenses. At that time we didn’t have many things they could do. After the hurricane, we had mounds of work we needed help with.

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Medicine and Missions

We missionaries always think of ways that our clinic can help to start churches. Church planting is our number one goal. In our church building we keep a small room to use for a clinic each week. People from the community come for any kind of medical need. We pray with every single patient.

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A Man Who Shook the World

Six -year old Ludwig sat at his table at the time he always did every day to read his Bible and pray. Suddenly, enemy soldiers burst through the door. Ludwig looked up then kept reading and praying. The soldiers stopped, stared at him, and…

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Talking Jesus to Immigrants

Jesus told us to “go into all the world” and tell people about Jesus. (Mark 16:15) But did you know that it seems like the world is coming to Toronto, Ontario, in Canada? We know that God loves all these people and he wants them to hear about Jesus.

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Germany And The Gospel

We said, “We can accept God’s forgiveness for our sins and start a personal relationship with Jesus by praying to God.” They said, “We have never heard this before.” No one had given them the Gospel’s Good News yet! We explained. “God’s forgiveness is a free gift. We don’t get it by doing good things. God gives it to us by his generous goodness when we believe in Him.”

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Searching for Hope

The hope that we shared with her was different. It is eternal. It will last forever and the sad things about life on earth cannot destroy it. This true hope is a treasure. It is the kind of treasure in the heart that no thief can steal, bugs eat up, or rust destroy.

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Teachers of Missionary Children

As I grew up, I knew that I wanted to work for God and see Him change the lives of people from other cultures. But should I be a church planter? Should I be a missionary nurse? Should I be a Bible translator? Even when I finished high school I wasn’t sure.

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A Missionary Story

Elinor asked Pastor Siud, “Why do you all call me Bad Legs? I know my legs are bad, but what is the real reason?” Pastor Siud replied, “Your bad legs are important to us. Our people with bad legs can’t get out of this valley. But even with your bad legs God brought you all the way here to give us His Word. And God has helped you stay here with us. He did all this to give us His Word. That is how much He loves us.”

Watch a video about Elinor called “Bad Legs”

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Cuba, Coffee & Christ

One day Luis walked into a small, crowded coffee house along a narrow street in downtown Santa Clara. Luis didn’t look friendly when he walked in to the coffee shop that day. But there Luis found friendly people who talked to him about Jesus and listened to him.

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Fadya’s Story

Hi! I’m Fadya and I am 10 years old. One night a few weeks ago, I was bored and wanted to read. I grabbed my book about the prophets and started reading about the Prophet Adam.

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