Sports Evangelism and Discipleship-Cameroon

This position will utilize sports and fitness activities as catalysts to engage Baka people of all ages for evangelism and discipleship. Focusing on physical well-being will open doors to develop relationships and provide avenues to share and spread the gospel within the village and to the surrounding communities.

This role will have access to a well-equipped outdoor gym in the center of a Baka village to attract and reach the community with evangelism and discipleship in mind. You will lead Bible studies, pray with people, and organize sports-related outreach to other Baka villages.

  • Thorough knowledge of the Bible
  • Evangelism and discipleship experience
  • Ability to organize and conduct fitness and sports events
  • Learn the local language and culture
  • Conduct fitness and sports events for the community
  • Use fitness and sports as a way to teach biblical truths to the community
  • Disciple believers to use fitness and sports as a means of evangelism