The INN: Art and the Gospel

The arts can be instrumental in creating new channels for evangelism and discipleship! Serve the growing number of people in transition in the US through your creative gifts!

If you are looking for an opportunity to use your creative gifts to bring the stories of God to life, consider serving in The INN! Your artistic skills can provide an invaluable contribution to a church-planting team. Music, drama, oral storying, media, and the visual arts can be powerful tools for opening up doors to share the gospel and build relationships.

Explore your fit with an INN site in Savannah, Philadelphia, Lancaster, Houston, Central PA, or South Florida.

To effectively use the arts to gather and reach diaspora communities, workers need both passion and skill to creatively reach them with the gospel, as well as to disciple and equip them. Cross-cultural experience is beneficial, along with a sense of urgency for reaching the unreached diaspora in the US. 

  • Creative Art Skills: People that are trained and/or experienced in the arts who have a desire to use their skills to engage and impact the diaspora community
  • Mature Christian: People who love God, love people, and can maintain spiritual disciplines as they work with people resistant to the gospel
  • Evangelism and Discipleship: A desire to share the gospel and disciple people from different world views, religions, and backgrounds
  • Church Planting and Multiplication: A desire to participate in implementing creative church planting and multiplication strategies
  • Team Player: Good interpersonal, listening, and communication skills, as well as the ability to work collaboratively on a team and within a local network
  • Learner: A willingness to be part of a learning community dedicated to growing their skills, gifts, and abilities in church planting and multiplication while serving in a diaspora community
  • Outreach: Create strategies and events using the arts to engage the local diaspora community as you share stories, life experiences, and the transforming power of Jesus
  • Evangelism and Discipleship: Journey with your contacts through dynamic spiritual conversations, sharing the truths of scripture, and discipling them into an intentional, growing relationship with Christ
  • Church planting: Be part of a team that desires to plant reproducing house churches in the local diaspora community
  • Community Service: Serve local diaspora along with the team and local network through meeting felt needs and building genuine relationships