Priorities represent highly strategic initiatives in reaching the unreached with the gospel. Inspired by a clear vision and a desire to see indigenous churches established and thriving, more workers with a variety of skill sets are needed. Explore your fit with these teams and join God’s redemptive work among the nations with World Team.


The teams serving in Cameroon minister to five different unreached people groups using an holistic approach. Ministry may include discipleship, medical care, agricultural work, life skills, and Bible-storying. One goal is to provide the Scriptures in each tribe’s heart language.

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Central Asia

The Central Asia team’s goal in ministry is to spread the gospel among the Uyghur (a displaced minority) and local people groups. Reaching out to and caring for the Uyghur people more holistically starts by befriending them. Ministry begins in the missionary’s own neighborhood, where trust is built.

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Manaus, Brazil

More than 100 people groups in Brazil have never heard the gospel, largely due to geography or policies that isolate them from the outside world. Traditional missionary strategy has been to go and live among them. During the last 20 years, God has been opening a new pathway to these remote peoples.

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God is at work in the world through the mass movement of people—those fleeing persecution, war, and starvation to lands of security and prosperity. The INN is made up of ordinary people who have been captured by Jesus’ love and long to share hope among communities where Christ is least known.

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The Philippines

God is moving powerfully in the Philippines. The church is growing today in ways that we have never seen, and World Team Philippines needs workers to help with the harvest. There are currently three experienced church planting teams who are actively mobilizing workers to join them.

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