Prayer Team Bulletin

As one of our guiding principles, our reliance on prayer informs how we carry out our mission of church planting. We invite you as friends and supporters of the mission to join us in prayer for these topics:

This Month

Christmas Outreach Follow-Up

Lift up those who were reached through various Christmas outreach events done in Paris. Pray that our workers would be able to connect with them in the coming days and weeks to help them discover God’s call.

Virtual Church in Paris

Pray for church activities that have been moved back to virtual formats in recent weeks. Pray that these events would be more than just an activity to fill an evening but would be a time for to grow in love and unity and to show others a taste of the Lord's love.

Neighborhood Men Seeking Jesus

Pray for the men in the neighborhood to begin to open up to spiritual things, especially two men who need to respond in faith to the Holy Spirit’s invitation to enter the kingdom. Pray that a men’s group of some kind would soon be formed to help these men in their journey.

Covid-19 Losses

Pray for those in the women’s group who are struggling with loss associated with the COVID crisis. Pray for them to be encouraged by the Lord and open to care from those who God has guided to help them in this time.

Christmas services in Spain

Give praise for the opportunity to hold an online Christmas service this year to reach people despite the coronavirus lockdown measures. Pray for good follow-up to this service and that our workers would continue to find new and creative ways to reach their neighbors with the gospel.

Workers ready to leave for Spain

Continue to pray for Jeff and Michelle as they get their paperwork in and wait on governmental decisions in their efforts to move to Spain this year. Pray that God would work through the government officials evaluating and analyzing their paperwork for a clear and smooth acceptance.

Christmas follow-up in Cuba

Pray for LPN pastors as they follow up with those who attended their virtual Christmas programs. Give thanks for the many opportunities to talk about the season, about Jesus and the salvation he offers freely to all who would come to him.

Raise up new leaders in Cuba

Ask the Lord to raise up a new generation of leaders in LPN who will have a servant’s heart, a culture of discipleship, and a desire to reach their country for Christ. Pray, too, that many people would open their homes to hosting weekly small group Bible studies.

Bible study in Cuba

Lift in prayer F and her mother, and the small group Bible study just beginning to meet in their home.  Ask the Lord to touch the hearts of all who attend, praying that those who are not Christians will come to know Jesus as their Savior.

Ministry Projects in Cambodia

Pray for the Reefs for Life project and several other new projects being worked on by Brian and Jacinda. Pray that the time that they were able to spend in California over the holidays will have been rejuvenating and energizing for them as they return to work in Cambodia.

Language learning in Cambodia

Pray for a World Team family who is currently doing language learning in Cambodia and seek to bring the people in their community to Christ. Ask God to bring relief from the coronavirus pandemic in order to reopen schools and give their son the socialization opportunities he needs to acclimate to the area.

Mercy Medical Center in Cambodia

Give thanks to God for the work being done at Mercy Medical Center in Cambodia and pray that our workers who are unable to be there due to the pandemic would begin to see roadblocks cleared for their return.

New house churches planted in Cambodia

Praise the Lord for the four house churches that were planted through Mercy Medical’s ministries in Cambodia last year. This brings their total to 21. Pray for each of these house churches to be growing in number and in faith!

Typhoon relief in the Philippines

Give praise to God for the incredible support that our teams in the Philippines have received since the islands were affected by typhoons in November. The showing of generosity and prayer support for our teams and the people in their communities has been overwhelming, allowing the team to feed more than 1500 families and rebuild 28 homes.

People of the Suriname jungle

Pray for the local elders to stand firm in their faith so they won’t give in to the temptation of the strong drink and get drunk. Pray that they will set a good example. Pray that the Lord will protect the youth and they won’t give in to the lies of the evil one and commit suicide during the festivities of Christmas and the New Year.

Health and safety in Suriname

Continue to pray for good health and safety from COVID-19 for those in Suriname, and give praise for the opportunities our workers have had to train individual leaders within the COVID-19 protocols. Give thanks the work has not stopped!

Sharing Christ in Suriname

Thank God for the opportunity to share love baskets and the gospel with needy families during Christmas time. Pray that relationships would blossom from these interactions and that these families would be drawn to Christ.

Food bank in Suriname

Give thanks for the 18 boxes of clothes that arrived from California and for the Lord’s provision for the food bank. Pray for the Lord’s guidance as our workers distribute the food and clothing, and pray for a positive response from those asked to volunteer with the food bank.

Bible translation and literacy in Cameroon

Pray for the continued work on the Esimbi language New Testament. The goal is to have it completed this calendar year. Pray also for the publication of a new Esimbi literacy book. Pray that these tools would be used to great effect in bringing people to the Lord.

Teachers and staff needed in Cameroon

Pray for new teachers and staff members to be raised up to join the work at Rain Forest International School. Within three years, nearly 75% of the current teaching staff will retire or end their temporary positions, leaving many openings to be filled. Pray that God would be calling on the hearts of people who would be able to fill these positions.