Prayer Team Bulletin

As one of our guiding principles, our reliance on prayer informs how we carry out our mission of church planting. We invite you as friends and supporters of the mission to join us in prayer for these topics:

This Month

COVID-19 cases on rise in Cambodia

Pray for our teams and the nation of Cambodia as COVID-19 cases have surged recently in the country. This has made ministry difficult in several ways. Pray for strength and perseverance for the team as they adjust their ministry strategies.

Mercy Medical Center in Cambodia

Please pray for the leaders and the entire staff of MMC as they deal with the challenges of treating their patients in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. Some staff must cross many police barricades to get to work. Pray that they walk in unity and courage, by keeping their focus on God.

Praise for a life changed in Spain

Give praise to God that a woman who has been faithfully attending Bible studies for 12 years has given her life over to Christ! Pray for her and for those discipling her as she continues her walk with the Lord.

Unrest in country of Chad

Pray for the current conflict happening in Chad and that God would intervene. Pray for workers from multiple agencies who are having to make difficult decisions and adjustments in their daily lives. Ask God to bring peace to the region soon.

Bible study in France

Praise God that despite restrictions, a weekly online small group Bible study has been going strong in France. They did an overview of the Bible and are now walking through what it means to be a follower of Jesus. Pray that this Bible study would bear fruit in the community.

Visa complications for worker in France

Pray for a worker who is currently unable to return to France due to visa issues. Pray for peace and patience for them as they await a resolution and pray that God would guide the work of those who can help resolve this issue smoothly and quickly.

New Testament translation in Cameroon

Give praise for the acquisition of a new generator that has helped the Esimbi translation team be able to work together on translation uninterrupted by power failures. Continue to pray for the team as they get closer to the typesetting date as there is still much to work on before then.

Book publication in Haiti

Pray for the efforts to publish two short books in French that promote the vision of Haitian missionaries serving cross-culturally. The books are the idea of Haitian pastors, and one is already ready to be published. 

Believer battling cancer in Trinidad

Pray for a Hindu background believer in Trinidad as he battles third-degree cancer. Pray for sensitivity and wisdom as our workers walk with him through this painful journey.

Interest in the Bible in Trinidad

Pray for a friend of our workers in Trinidad who has started reading the Bible. Pray that God would reach him through scripture and ultimately transform his life.

Bible study attendee in Trinidad

Pray for a breakthrough in one woman’s life as she studies the Book of Genesis in a Bible study. Pray that God would use the Bible study to penetrate her life and change her preconceived notions of Christian faith.

Venezuelan refugees in Trinidad

Pray for the Gospel to take hold in the lives of a family from Venezuela. Our worker meets with the wife every two weeks. There are over twenty thousand new settlers from Venezuela in Trinidad; pray that new opportunities to reach these people would arise soon.

Hindu background believer in Trinidad

Lift up a Hindu background believer who desires to be baptized. Pray for wisdom as she deals with potential issues with her Hindu family due to this decision.

Workers for Trinidad

Pray for committed workers to be raised up by God to do his work in Trinidad. It is a field ripe for harvest that just needs the right people in place to make it happen.