Prayer Team Bulletin

As one of our guiding principles, our reliance on prayer informs how we carry out our mission of church planting. We invite you as friends and supporters of the mission to join us in prayer for these topics:

This Month

LAI partners raising support in Guatemala

One of our Latin American Initiative team members recently met with eight missionaries from a partner organization in Guatemala who are currently raising financial support. Pray for perseverance for them as support raising in Latin America is difficult.

Latin American Initiative partner organizations

Pray that World Team's LAI team and its partner organizations would mutually encourage one another. Pray also that local churches in each country would enlarge their vision and make the sacrifice to send their best and provide their support. 

Online prayer meetings with LAI leaders

Pray for the LAI's continued vision of helping send Latin American workers out to the mission field. Every fourth Thursday of each month a group of mission leaders and pastors from eight or more countries and many time zones pray together on Zoom. Pray that others would catch the vision to start small groups of prayer among believers.

Spain prayer conference follow-up

Give thanks to God for a successful virtual prayer week for Spain last month. Pray that there would be a great impact from this prayer conference on the work in Spain going forward. Pray that those who attended would share with others the importance of the many ministries World Team workers in Spain have undertaken.

Discipleship of Baka leaders in Cameroon

Pray for the discipleship of the Baka leaders who are being trained to lead the Baka Training Center in Cameroon. Pray for them as they learn planning, leading, overseeing workers, accounting and stewardship, agriculture, and construction.

Orchard at Baka Training Center in Cameroon

Pray for the orchard that is being planted and expanded behind the training center. Over 50 different types of fruit trees have been planted to help provide extra food and nutrients to the local communities. Pray that God would continue to guide the team as they discover what trees will be most resilient and best to share with other villages.

Arrival of new workers in Cameroon

Praise God for the arrival of several new workers in Cameroon to help with translation, literacy, and agriculture. This is the answer to many years of prayer! Pray that these workers would transition well to life in Cameroon and their new roles in ministry.

Search for new Executive Director in Australia

Pray for the members of the World Team Australia board as they seek an executive director to lead WT-AUS in the coming years. Pray that God would bring forward the right person to fill the position in his timing, and pray that the board would feel God's guiding hand throughout the process.

Leadership training sessions

Give thanks for the good start to the leader cohort training and the ten participants at the first session. The training will run for the next two years. Pray for those leading and those attending these training sessions.

Anniversary of Arabic women's Bible Study

Praise the Lord for the 2-year anniversary of an Arabic women’s Bible study. The group meets twice a week to study the Bible, pray, and worship the Lord. It has become an incredible gathering of women from all over the world. Many have come to faith in Christ, others share it is the only ‘church’ they have access to, and still others are being discipled in their relationship with Christ.

Children's ministry with The INN

Pray for a weekly children's ministry that allows our workers with the INN to share about Jesus with about 20 children. Many children are hearing about Christ for the first time. Pray that these story times would open doors to share the love of Christ further with these children and their families.

Church plants with The INN

Lift up the four The INN church plants in South Florida and Pennsylvania. Pray for unity among the believers and that they will grow in their faith. Pray that these new believers will actively share their faith with their family and friends so that the gospel can penetrate entire communities.

The INN leadership teams

Pray for The INN team leaders as they work with their team of workers and volunteers. Pray that God will give them discernment as they work in their local communities among unreached diaspora. Pray that God will bless them with a good local network to multiply their work.

More workers needed for The INN

Ask the Lord for more workers for each INN site. We have more opportunities than workers! Pray that God will send us leaders, workers, and volunteers who have a love for unreached diaspora.

Paris Prayer Connection

Pray for this month's Paris Prayer Connection as French nationals, World Team workers, and believers from around the world gather together to pray over the city and its people. Pray that ministry would thrive in Paris as a result of this weeklong prayer conference.