Prayer Team Bulletin

As one of our guiding principles, our reliance on prayer informs how we carry out our mission of church planting. We invite you as friends and supporters of the mission to join us in prayer for these topics:

This Month

Worker returns to the Philippines

Give thanks that a worker in the Philippines who was unwell has recovered his health and is heading back to their ministry location. Pray for a good return and for encouragement and strength as he continues ministry in the Philippines.

Newborn recovering from surgery in Asia

Pray for a newborn baby who underwent surgery in a village where World Team workers are serving in Asia.  Pray for full recovery for the child and for this to be an opportunity to share the good news of Christ with those in the village.

Protection and boldness for students

Pray for students who are under threats for choosing to follow Jesus. Pray for protection and boldness in their witness and that they would find comfort in belonging to Jesus Christ.

COVID-19 cases down in Cambodia

Praise God for a reduction in COVID-19 cases in Cambodia. The country is slowly opening up; pray for churches to be allowed to resume meeting soon.

Paris Prayer Connection 2022

Pray for the planning of the Paris Prayer Connection, World Team France's annual prayer conference, which will be happening June 13-20, 2022. Pray also for a follow-up event that will be happening this month to update people on how their prayers at the 2021 conference have impacted ministry in Paris.

Networking with The INN

Pray for our teams that are part of The INN as they work to make connections and partnerships with other agencies in the cities they serve. Pray for wisdom to know which agencies to work with and how to best use their time and energy in ministry.

Returning to work in Spain

Pray for a couple who is returning to Spain after their home assignment this summer. They are eager to get back to in-person Bible Studies, discipleship and training.

Strength and comfort for workers in Haiti

Pray that God will fill our workers in Haiti with His wisdom, strength and comfort as they talk with the hospital staff. They have taken another hit as their Haitian hospital administrator unexpectedly passed away recently.

Haiti Relief Project

Praise God for the over $50K raised so far for the Haiti Earthquake Relief project.  Pray for Sean and MEBSH’s reconstruction commission as they process the priority list, evaluate estimates, disburse funds and receive expense reports. 

Nine church members baptized in Peru

Give praise that nine church members in Peru were baptized during the last week of September! Pray for each of them as they continue their journey with Christ. Pray also for the start of a new Bible study last month.

Spiritual health in Peru

Pray for the spiritual health of brothers and sisters in the different churches in Lima. Pray for God to bring economic stability to Peru, as well.

Tribal conference in Suriname

Praise God that two workers arrived safely to Suriname to participate in the Tribal Conference and to minister God’s Word. Pray that there would be lasting impacts from their ministry at the conference and in the villages.

Church ministry in Suriname

Praise God that the church in Suriname has been able to gather without any lockdown thus far. Pray that this would continue to be true and that they will continue to minister to His Word to the people. 

Bible studies in Trinidad

Praise God that Bible studies in Trinidad continue to go well. Pray for two new people who have begun attending Bible study, that they would be encouraged and feel welcomed into the community. Pray that they would keep attending and be drawn closer to Christ.

Needs at Mercy Medical Center in Cambodia

Pray for energy and encouragement for the Cambodian nurses and lab technicians at Mercy Medical Center in Cambodia as there continues to be a shortage. Pray that more would come on board soon. Pray for the Gospel to reach far and wide through MMC along with their partners.