Moldova – Business Development

The position of Business Developer is to assist those in ministry to create alternative sources of revenue. This assistance to local pastors and church planters enables them to obtain a steady income so they can spend more time focusing on ministry. The locations would include Moldova and Central Asia.

This role will teach pastors and church planters how to create and implement business plans, as well as accounting, marketing, and how to secure funding. The Business Developer focus could include tech start-ups, agricultural endeavors, or other areas of expertise. To appropriately serve in this position, they must learn about and understand the marketplace and have creative business ideas.

The ideal candidate will have extensive knowledge and experience in the business industry and/or an advanced degree in this area. They should have:

  • Education/Experience: business understanding and extensive experience in running a successful business are most beneficial.
  • Evaluate business plans
  • Assist in obtaining funding for the projects
  • Conduct regular reviews
  • Onsight visits