International School Teacher–China

International schoolteachers will teach in a Third Culture Kid centric academy in China. They will work with a group of foreign teachers to provide high quality education to the children of missionary families, as well as some local families with foreign passports. The establishment of this academy will allow missionary families with children to have essential educational support needed for them to stay and continue to evangelize the minority unreached people groups.

We are looking for:

  • One high school social science teacher (includes history, geography, world civilizations, and global issues
  • One high school science teacher (includes biology, chemistry, physics, and general science)

The classes will be conducted in English. For incoming teachers interested in learning Chinese, the academy’s teachers and staff are equipped to provide such a service. The school will also be able to process dependent children visas.

  • Two-year commitment
  • University degree (not necessarily in the same field as classes needed to be taught)
  • Preferably two years of teaching experience. Experience with second language learners is a plus

The teacher will collaborate with a team of likeminded educators and missionary staff to provide high quality education to missionary kids. They will:The language student will collaborate with a team to help plant a church. They will:

  • Teach classes in various subjects based on need
  • Live among the unreached people group, learning their language and culture
  • Work with a holistic, long-term church-planting team to create and maintain gospel-driven relationships with minority people and local individuals outside the academy
  • Evangelize and disciple unreached people