Children and Youth Ministry-Cameroon

The purpose of this role is to teach Baka children and youth biblical truths through storytelling, songs, games, and other creative techniques. In addition, they will train Baka adults to engage and disciple children and youth.

The ideal candidate for this position will have education experience and a desire to impact the lives of Baka children, youth, and young adults as they teach them truths about God. Those in this position will engage with the Baka in their native language and will learn about their culture. In this community, teaching children is mostly informal, and patience and compassion are necessary, as many of the children come from difficult home situations.

World Team has a zero-tolerance Child Safety Policy and is a participating member of the Child Safety Protection Network.

This position will require:

  • Love for Children: A desire to love and invest in the lives of Baka children, youth, and young adults
  • Christian Maturity: Evidence Christ-like character and leadership competency; a humble, loving spirit and a listening heart are essential
  • Evangelism and Discipleship: Experience with evangelism and sharing the gospel with children and youth
  • Education Experience: Training and experience in education with a willingness to use new and creative techniques to reach children and youth in the Baka context
  • Communication Skills: Ability to clearly communicate biblical truth
  • Develop curriculum in the Baka language geared toward Baka children and youth to facilitate their engagement with the gospel
  • Meet regularly with groups of children, youth, and young adults for evangelism and discipleship
  • Engage and equip mature Baka adult believers to evangelize and disciple the children and youth