NT Exegete/Translation Advisor-Cameroon

The NT Exegete/Translation Advisor will join the Kwakum team as they translate the Bible into the Kwakum language. The Kwakum writing system has been developed and is in use, and there are trained national translators in place, as well.

The NT Exegete/Translation Advisor will spearhead the translation of the NT, supporting the simultaneous translation of the Old and New Testaments. Proficiency in Greek is required.

  • MDiv in Bible Exegesis or MA in Bible Translation is preferred
  • Training in Linguistics/Translation from one of SIL’s schools
  • Robust knowledge of Greek is required
  • Develop proficiency in the local language and learn about the culture
  • Exegete passages and prepare the texts for local translators
  • Help local translators determine which key words to use
  • Produce multiple drafts and then send the final one to the testing team
  • Disciple the local translators throughout the process