Evangelism and Discipleship-France

The Evangelism and Discipleship worker will spread the gospel among unreached people groups in France. They will identify and develop local leaders from among discipled believers. These leaders will, in turn, establish and lead healthy, self-sustaining, and multiplying local churches in their communities that will spread to neighboring areas.

This position will join a holistic church planting team and live among an unreached people group in France, learning their language and culture. They will evangelize, make disciples, and will develop and equip church leaders.

The ideal candidate has a mature walk with the Lord and is continually seeking to grow in godliness and to abide in Christ, and is presently evangelizing and making disciples within their current context.

Character traits for this worker include flexibility, humility, resilience, interest in other cultures and unreached people groups, and a genuine love for the lost.

The ideal candidate possesses:

  • Christian Maturity: A humble and mature Christian walk, with the ability to be highly relational
  • Theological Knowledge and Experience: Biblical and theological training (formal or informal) and ability to interpret Scripture
  • Communication Skills: Strong people skills and the ability to communicate Scripture, sharing one-to-one and in small group settings
  • Aptitude for Language Learning: Willingness to become proficient in French
  • Evangelism and Discipleship Experience: At least 1-2 years’ experience in evangelism and discipleship, with the capacity to equip and support others in their calling to evangelize and disciple others

The Evangelism and Discipleship worker will collaborate with a team to provide mutual encouragement and accountability. They will:

  • Establish and maintain positive, local relationships
  • Share the gospel in French and in culturally contextualized ways
  • Make disciples that make disciples
  • Promote biblical maturity and healthy Christian living
  • Assist in the church planting process, training local, believing leadership in reproducible discipleship and evangelism methods
  • Perform other field or agency duties as assigned