South Asia – Community Development

Use your skills and experience in community development to make a positive impact on the spiritual and economic life of individuals and communities in South Asia. Our approach to church planting is holistic, addressing the expressed needs of the people we serve while sharing Christ and developing contextually appropriate solutions.

Beginning as a student and a listener who is able to discern and develop contextually appropriate solutions, the Community Development professional will help communities discover ways to develop options and/or networks to sustain themselves and their daily needs.

  • Professional Training: a degree/training in entrepreneurship and/or community development would be helpful
  • Understanding of Culture and Worldview: Ability to be patient and display cultural awareness and sensitivity
  • Christian Maturity: Evidence Christ-like character and leadership competency; a humble spirit and a listening heart are essential; maintaining spiritual disciplines as they work with people resistant to the gospel
  • Evangelistic Outreach: The desire to participate in the implementation of creative church-planting and multiplication strategies
  • Collaborative Style: A team player with good interpersonal, listening, and communication skills, as well as the ability to work cooperatively on a team and within a local network
  • Proficiency: Become adept in the local language and learn the local culture
  • Analyze: Study the economic system in which the people live and help determine direction for community development projects
  • Brainstorm: Develop ideas for economic or community stimulation with local people
  • Organization: Planning and organizing lessons that meet the team criteria and the needs of the learners
  • Creativity: Using a variety of techniques and strategies to help communities address felt needs 
  • Evangelism and Discipleship: Building genuine friendships that welcome people through dynamic spiritual conversations, sharing the truths of scripture, and discipling believers into an intentional, growing relationship with Christ
  • Church Planting and Expansion: Participate in a holistic, church-planting team that desires to plant reproducing house churches in the local community