Marketplace Worker – Middle East

Marketplace Workers in the Middle East will strategically utilize their professional skills in the workplace and in the local community as they engage with other professionals and build relationships. The purpose of this role is to accomplish team objectives, including evangelism, discipleship, church planting, and multiplication.

Our desire is to bring glory to God by connecting with people through the marketplace, and then discipling them into life-changing relationships with Jesus Christ.

For Jesus to reach and rescue the world, he chose to live among us and to enter into daily life. Likewise, in order to impact and influence the world for Christ, we must gain access to the lives of those we hope to reach. We must go as he went, mix with those who do not know him yet, and share the gospel. Our intention is to gain access by integrating into local community life and in the marketplace.

A passion to reach the lost using professional marketplace skills and building workplace relationships is essential to this role. Cross-cultural experience is beneficial.

In addition to marketplace skills, the ideal Marketplace Worker competencies include: 

  • Mature Christian: Evidence of Christ-like character and leadership competency; a humble spirit and a listening heart are essential
  • A heart for God as well as a heart for Muslims
  • Evangelism and Discipleship: 12 months’ experience in sharing the gospel with Muslims is preferred, as well as experience with discipleship
  • Local language fluency would be beneficial
  • Ability to work full time in the marketplace while actively participating in church planting team activities

Marketplace workers live and serve in a Muslim community. This role will work on a team to provide mutual encouragement and accountability while maintaining a career in the workforce. This will include:

  • Integrity: Maintain a positive presence in the marketplace
  • Outreach: Utilize church planting and multiplication strategies to impact the Muslim community, including training and leading disciples to expand outreach efforts
  • Spiritual Progress: Track the spiritual progress of those you are serving
  • Relationship Building: Establish genuine, trusting relationships with Muslims in the local community and in the marketplace
  • Evangelism: Faithfully and consistently share the gospel in word and deed
  • Discipleship: Disciple and equip believers, releasing them to plant the church
  • Developing Leaders: Identify, train, and equip leaders for the local church, as well as those who will plant churches in neighboring communities