Ethnomusicology Internship

Deadline Passed – 2024 Details Coming Soon

World Team has been church planting in Cameroon for decades, and teams are working in five different villages and regions, meeting physical, educational, and spiritual needs. In this ethnomusicology internship, you will partner with our long-term church planting teams and help churches in Cameroon develop culturally relevant worship.

Interns will get to interact with two of the cultures we work amongst, the Baka and the Esimbi. While observing, learning, and being immersed in these cultures, interns will use their gifts and skills to help churches develop authentic worship expression in their own language. This will allow our full-time teammates to continue to disciple and encourage praise and honor to God within these church plants.

World Team Cameroon internships give you maximum hands-on experience in cross-cultural ministry while furthering long-term church-planting efforts. And you’ll experience life-on-life discipleship by a mentor.

Location Mbouda and Ndjibot, Cameroon
Local LanguageEsimbi; Baka
PeopleEsimbi; Baka
DatesJune 11—29, 2023
Team Size 1—4 interns 

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