GC Kids

Give your kids a heart for global missions! Inspire them with stories of how we can share God’s love with unreached people groups.



Five Missionary Martyrs

Can you imagine loving and living with the people who killed someone in your family? This is a story of some amazing people who showed Jesus’’ love by forgiving the people that killed the ones they loved.

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Hudson Taylor

James Hudson Taylor was born in England in 1832. His parents told God, “We want to give him to You, to be a missionary in China.” Taylor pioneered missionary outreach to China where he lived for 51 years. In this issue you’ll learn about his impact on China and meet his younger sister Amelia who supported the ministry in many ways.

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From Texas to the World

What do you think Mayelhine from the Dominican Republic, Claudia from Mexico City and Daniel from Honduras have in common? All three speak Spanish, but that isn’t all. Mayelhine and Daniel grew up in Christian homes with fathers who are pastors. Claudia’s home, though, wasn’t so good. Her parents fought and at one time she was so unhappy she didn’t want to live. But God showed Claudia, just as he showed Daniel and Mayelhine, that He loved them. Each decided to give their life to God.

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Always Be Prepared!

It appeared that the kitchen workers at a summer camp in Moldova were facing a food shortage. Despite the careful planning of the mission director, as the days passed, there were fewer and fewer hotdogs on hand to feed the 300 campers. The missionary team overseeing the camp had a problem on their hands.

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What Children Can Do For Missions

Can you, a child, help people somewhere else in the world to know Jesus now, before you are old enough to be a missionary? These stories will show you the answer is “yes!”

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David Livingstone

Ten year-old David is somehow keeping his mind on his cotton mill job and at the same time learning Latin from a book propped up on the spinning Jenny machine. The year is 1823. David’s family is very poor, so David has to work to help out. His parents taught him to read. He has never been to school, but that doesn’t keep him from learning all that he can, especially about nature and science. He loves to explore the countryside around his village of Blantyre, Scotland, on Sunday afternoons; his only time off.

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Cars and trucks honking non-stop, a traffic cop blowing his whistle at a busy intersection, and a bread man pushing his large three wheeled cart loaded with fresh buns and pastry; these are just a few of the many sights on a normal morning in Lima, Peru.

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The Baka People of Cameroon

My name is Samba. I am a 23-year-old Baka man. My home is in the vast rainforest region of South Eastern Cameroon, Africa. I have been here since my birth and have learned the ways of the forest. I learned at a young age how to make a slingshot and how to set forest traps for a variety of animals. In my free time I would create things with my hands. Things like toy cars made out of the local bamboo. The wheels I made out of old flip-flops cut into circles. I took pride in my creations and still do.

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One Family’s Adventures in the “Wild West” of Africa

When we came to Mozambique in 1993 to work as missionaries, it turned our family’s world up side down. It wasn’t the “being missionaries” part that did it. We had already been missionaries in South Africa for four years and my husband and I had grown up as missionary kids. It was because Mozambique had just had a civil war and the country was a bit like the Wild West. A peace agreement had been signed but the country was still in chaos. And the needs everywhere were huge.

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A Missionary Kid in Haiti becomes a Missionary

Growing up in Haiti was really fun at times, and really hard at times. We had to depend on the Lord a lot. For instance, we liked to go to a nearby beach. On normal days the beach was 20 minutes away, but it was 30 minutes away if it rained and the rivers were high. High rivers made things tricky because there were no bridges and we had to drive through the water. But whatever happened, my siblings and I always had loads of fun playing with our Haitian friends.

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