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Give your kids a heart for global missions! Inspire them with stories of how we can share God’s love with unreached people groups.



Paddling Downriver to Share the Gospel

In South America there is a tribe of Indians whose whole community has been changed since they learned about Jesus and began following God’s Word. They want to share the joy of knowing Jesus with other tribes, so they made a big trip down the river by canoe to share the Good News with others.

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The Roma

Ivan is Roma, a people often looked down upon around the world. They are also know as Gypsies. They have superstitious religious beliefs rooted in Hinduism. Known mostly as uneducated, unmotivated and living a rough wild life, the Roma are often accused of thievery and other bad behavior. This used to describe Ivan.

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William Carey – Missionary to India

William Carey lived in England long, long ago, before the father of your father’s father was born. While still young, he asked some ministers of his church about taking the Gospel to people in other countries. One minister told him, “Young man, sit down. When God pleases to convert the heathen world, He will do it without your help or mine.” William knew that was wrong. He was convinced that Christians must take God’s Word to every nation. Years later he said, “Expect great things from God; attempt great things for God”. And he did!

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Cars and trucks honking non-stop, a traffic cop blowing his whistle at a busy intersection, and a bread man pushing his large three wheeled cart loaded with fresh buns and pastry; these are just a few of the many sights on a normal morning in Lima, Peru.

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Hudson Taylor

James Hudson Taylor was born in England in 1832. His parents told God, “We want to give him to You, to be a missionary in China.” Taylor pioneered missionary outreach to China where he lived for 51 years. In this issue you’ll learn about his impact on China and meet his younger sister Amelia who supported the ministry in many ways.

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Will and Thom

Thom lives on one of the streets that make up the flower market here in our town. During the day, the flower stands open up and the flower sellers put out their roses and lilies. At night, they close the stands and leave nothing but wet streets and empty cubby holes. Thom spends his nights in one of cubby holes. During the day, he wanders the streets and tries to stay out of view of the police. But at night he finds a dry place among the flower petals on the street floor and fights off the dirty rats. Thom sleeps as much as he can but has to make sure he wakes up and leaves before the flower stands open up again because he will get beat up by the owners. Thom has a difficult life.

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Jesus and Baseball

Baseball is called America’s national pastime, but it’s also the favorite pastime of kids in the Dominican Republic. Boys in the Dominican grow up doing two things: going to school and playing baseball. There is no little league baseball like in America, but kids form neighborhood leagues and you can see them playing the sport on just about every street corner. Many of those boys dream of playing in the Major Leagues when they grow up.

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Always Be Prepared!

It appeared that the kitchen workers at a summer camp in Moldova were facing a food shortage. Despite the careful planning of the mission director, as the days passed, there were fewer and fewer hotdogs on hand to feed the 300 campers. The missionary team overseeing the camp had a problem on their hands.

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What Children Can Do For Missions

Can you, a child, help people somewhere else in the world to know Jesus now, before you are old enough to be a missionary? These stories will show you the answer is “yes!”

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David Livingstone

Ten year-old David is somehow keeping his mind on his cotton mill job and at the same time learning Latin from a book propped up on the spinning Jenny machine. The year is 1823. David’s family is very poor, so David has to work to help out. His parents taught him to read. He has never been to school, but that doesn’t keep him from learning all that he can, especially about nature and science. He loves to explore the countryside around his village of Blantyre, Scotland, on Sunday afternoons; his only time off.

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