Spain – Women’s Ministry

This role will serve women in Spain to encourage and disciple believers.

As part of a holistic church planting team, the Women’s Ministry workers will use their gifts in teaching, discipleship, organization, counseling, and mentoring to bless women who are hungry for spiritual encouragement. This position requires flexible, relational and team-oriented women to develop and model a discipleship ministry that can be multiplied.

The ideal candidate will be an experienced and authentic servant-leader who can disciple believers. They will possess:

  • Christian Maturity: Evidence of Christ-like character and leadership competency; a humble spirit and a listening heart are essential
  • Evangelism and Discipleship Experience: Effectively share the gospel and disciple believers
  • Leadership Ability: Ability to counsel, mentor, and disciple believers; Strong organizational skills
  • Communication: Able to clearly communicate in the local language with cultural sensitivity
  • Set up consistent opportunities to meet regularly with individuals and groups of women for evangelism, mentoring, and discipleship.
  • Train women to lead and multiply from the start.
  • Be involved in the church planting efforts of the local church planting team.


Spain – TESL

The TESL Provider in Spain has a unique ability to assist the church planting team by opening doors for ministry. People with formal and informal training or experience in teaching English will help their students gain a valuable skill while creating a natural bridge for building relationships and sharing the gospel.

This role is designed for workers who desire to teach English, which may include informal English clubs or formal teaching assignments. Some of the placements require internationally recognized certifications, while others may not. As the students gain valuable skills, doors will open for evangelism.

The English Teacher will use their skills, education, and spiritual gifts to serve the community. Formal Bible training and an exposure to missiological principles are helpful but not required. The ideal candidate will have:

  • Training: Formal or informal training/experience in teaching English
  • Understanding of Culture and Worldview: Ability to be patient and display cultural awareness and sensitivity
  • Christian Maturity: Evidence of Christ-like character and leadership competency; a humble spirit and listening heart; Strong spiritual disciplines while working among people resistant to the gospel
  • Evangelistic Outreach Experience: Participation in the implementation of creative church planting and multiplication strategies
  • A Collaborative Style: A team player with good interpersonal, listening, and communication skills, as well as the ability to work cooperatively on a team and within a local network
  • Those wanting to serve in Spain long-term should become proficient communicators in the local language

This role requires:

  • Organization: Planning and organizing lessons that meet the team criteria and the needs of the learners
  • Dedication: Provision of instruction that is consistent, coordinated, and engaging
  • Creativity: Using a variety of teaching techniques and strategies to help learners develop their language skills in a supportive and positive learning environment
  • Communication: Evaluating and assessing learners’ progress and providing feedback
  • Evangelism and Discipleship: Building genuine friendships that welcome people through dynamic spiritual conversations, sharing the truths of Scripture, and discipling believers into an intentional, growing relationship with Christ
  • Church Planting and Expansion: Participating in a holistic, church planting team that desires to plant reproducing churches in the local community


Spain – Sports Ministry

Nelson Mandela said, “Sport has the power to change the world; it has the power to inspire. It has the power to unite people in a way that little else does. It speaks to young people in a language they understand. Sport can create hope where once there was only despair. It is more powerful than government in breaking down racial barriers.”

This position will provide an opportunity to join a local sports team in order to build relationships and be a light.

While participating on a local sports team, there may be additional opportunities to teach fitness classes to members of the community or to coach a local team. This role’s primary motivation is the desire to see people come to know Christ and to form a community of people who love Jesus.

  • Christian Maturity: Humility and a mature Christian walk, with the ability to be highly relational
  • Thorough knowledge of the Bible
  • Evangelism and Discipleship experience
  • Training and ability to participate in and to conduct/lead fitness and sports programs and events (preferred but not required skill prior to coming to the field. This training can occur while on the field)
  • Become a proficient communicator in the local language
  • Regularly meet with teammates/athletes on a one-on-one or small group basis outside of practice/training sessions with the intention of evangelism and discipleship.
  • Display Christ-like behavior on and off the field. Be ready to share how Christ impacts you as an athlete/coach.
  • Assist in the administration of any sports camps or clinics to bless the sports community. Carry out the camps to full completion with Christian values as the driving force, and seek to build relationships that lead to evangelism throughout the camp.
  • If teaching local fitness classes, include Scripture and/or Biblical values/stories during your time together.


Spain – MK School Teacher / Administrator

To primarily serve missionary families by equipping students in the academic disciplines, challenging them to love God, apply his truth, and care for others.

The MK School Teacher/Administrator will help provide a quality education to missionary kids, enabling families to stay on the field longer. Teachers and Administrators will work at a fully accredited, international Christian school in Madrid, Spain. World Team has a zero-tolerance Child Safety Policy and is a participating member of the Child Safety Protection Network.

MK School Teachers and Administrators must have a vibrant spiritual life characterized by consistent practice of spiritual disciplines. They will live in a cross-cultural environment.

The ideal candidates have:

  • A Baccalaureate degree in a field related to teaching or equivalent experience or appropriate training in the specific area of expertise for non-teaching positions.
  • Two (2) years’ experience in teaching or in the specific area of specialization for non-teaching positions.
  • Willingness to commit to a minimum of one school year.

MK School Teachers and Administrators provide education and oversight for students based upon philosophy, policy, pedagogy, and practice, which are in accord with the Word of God.


Spain – Evangelism and Discipleship

The Evangelism and Discipleship worker, trusting God for the results, will spread the gospel and evangelize in Spain. They will work to disciple believers to maturity in Christ and will also mobilize believers who wish to pursue missions.

This position will work with a holistic church planting team to see the gospel established in unengaged and under-reached communities in Spain. They will evangelize, make disciples within an identified community, and work with the local people to establish a healthy, self-sustaining, and multiplying church with indigenous church leadership.

The Evangelism and Discipleship worker must have a mature walk with the Lord, continually seeking to abide in Christ and grow in godliness. They will engage in evangelizing and making disciples within their current context. Strong interpersonal and communication skills, an interest in reaching unreached people groups, and a genuine love for the lost are necessary.

The ideal candidate possesses:

  • Christian Maturity: Humility and a mature Christian walk, with the ability to be highly relational.
  • Theological Knowledge and Experience: Biblical and theological training (formal or informal) with the ability to interpret and communicate Scripture clearly.
  • Language Learning: Will work on proficiency in the local language.
  • Discernment and Boldness: The ability to discern between cultural norms and biblical truths and to address problematic theology in a culturally aware manner.
  • Evangelism and Discipleship Experience: At least 1-2 years’ experience in evangelism and discipleship, with the capacity to equip and support others in their calling to evangelize and disciple others.

The Evangelism & Discipleship worker will collaborate with a church planting team to provide mutual encouragement and accountability. They will:

  • Live among an unreached people group, learning their language and culture.
  • Establish and maintain local relationships. Get involved in people’s lives.
  • Share the gospel in culturally contextualized ways in one-to-one interactions or small group settings.
  • Make disciples that make disciples.
  • Identify disciples and connect them to other believers and a local church, where possible, facilitating or creating opportunities as needed.
  • Promote Biblical maturity and healthy Christian living.
  • Assist in the church planting process.
  • Train local, believing leadership in reproducible discipleship and evangelism methods.
  • Become a proficient communicator in the local language to faithfully communicate the gospel.
  • Other field or agency duties as assigned based on giftings and passions. Potential areas of service include:
    • Mobilization: Communication and organizational skills to help mobilize new workers for cross-cultural ministry. Will serve as a liaison between field teams and World Team Sending Centers.
    • Music and visual arts: Creative and innovative approaches to reach others for Christ. Music, drama, and the visual arts are instrumental in creating new channels for evangelism and discipleship. As part of a holistic church planting team in Spain, this role will use their creative gifts and artistic skills to share the gospel and build relationships.
    • Technology: Tasks could include creating and maintaining websites, using mobile phones and radio for evangelism and training, and providing computer training and support to missionaries.
    • Media/Communications: This role will use assorted media and communication tools, including, but not limited to, videography, photography, writing, and social media, to creatively illustrate and share stories of God’s work among the nations.


Spain – Church Planter

The Church Planter will work with a holistic church planting team to create and maintain gospel-driven relationships with the unreached people group they serve by living among them and learning their language and culture. This will lead to opportunities to evangelize, disciple new believers, and train church leaders.

Church Planters in Spain will serve, evangelize, and disciple an unreached people group with little or no knowledge of the gospel. This role’s mission is to share the gospel with the people with whom they make connections, disciple new believers toward Christian maturity, faithfully teach the Bible in their native language, and train them so that they can, in turn, reach out to others. The Church Planter will identify and equip leaders from among the discipled believers and will assist them as they lead their own people in healthy, self-sustaining, and multiplying churches that they establish within their individual communities.

This position requires a vibrant and dedicated spiritual life characterized by consistent practice of spiritual disciplines. The Church Planter will need to have a solid understanding of the Scriptures, be able to teach and clearly communicate the gospel (in a culturally appropriate way), and disciple believers to maturity. Patience and dedication are necessary, as the Church Planter must learn to communicate with the assigned unreached people group faithfully and accurately in their native language.

The ideal candidate will have:

  • A Biblical Studies BA or equivalent experience
  • Five (5) years of church leadership experience (preferred)
  • Experience with evangelism and discipleship
  • Willingness to commit at least 10 years to the project.
  • A solid commitment to the spiritual disciplines (i.e., Bible reading, prayer, etc.)
  • Proficiency in the assigned unreached people group’s language

The Church Planter will collaborate with a team to prepare indigenous servant-leaders to establish and lead healthy, self-sustaining churches. They will:

  • Live among the unreached people group, learning their language and culture before beginning formal ministry.
  • Teach the Bible in formal and informal settings.
  • Evangelize and disciple the people.
  • Identify and equip native leaders to evangelize their people.
  • Train indigenous church leaders to disciple believers in a life-on-life manner
  • Develop current and future church leaders with Biblical and practical leadership skills.
  • Other field or agency duties as assigned.


Spain – Children and Youth Ministry

This ministry will benefit the next generation by developing opportunities to reach children and youth, teaching them Biblical truths that will shape their lives through storytelling, songs, games, and other creative techniques. Children and Youth Workers will evangelize, build relationships, and mentor young people.

The ideal missionary candidate for this position will have experience working with children/youth and a desire to love and invest in their lives.

World Team has a zero-tolerance Child Safety Policy and is a participating member of the Child Safety Protection Network.

The teaching and training of children and youth requires skill, creativity, and a fervent desire to share the gospel and disciple believers. This position will require:

  • Christian Maturity: Evidence of Christ-like character and leadership competency; a humble, loving spirit and a listening heart are essential.
  • Evangelism and Discipleship: Experience with evangelism and sharing the gospel with people of all ages, as well as discipling young people.
  • Youth/Children’s Ministry Experience: Skills in teaching the Bible and making it easy to understand for children or teens in culturally appropriate ways.
  • Communication Skills: Ability to clearly communicate Biblical truth and to encourage believers in their native language.
  • Set up consistent opportunities to meet regularly with individuals and groups of children and youth for evangelism, mentoring, discipleship, and fun.
  • Develop and use engaging lessons, experiences, and discussions to help children and youth understand the gospel and commit to following Christ.
  • Teach the Bible in formal and informal settings.
  • Create a discipleship program that involves the church family discipling the youth in the church.
  • Identify and equip leaders among the youth.
  • Be involved in the church planting efforts of the local church planting team.


Spain – Business as Mission

The Business position will explore Business as Mission (BAM): projects to serve as part of church planting teams in Spain.

The BAM worker will utilize their business experience and acumen to support the work of a holistic church planting team in Spain.

The ideal candidate will be trained in international business and have some business experience. The choice of business opportunity would be dependent upon skills, interests, or experience and would have to support the identified needs of the host society.

The BAM worker must have a good understanding of how to conduct business, with a focus on financial responsibility and a firm grasp of the concepts of Business as a Mission (BAM). They would also need to be people and relationship oriented. This position would require at least a five-year commitment.

The BAM worker will plan, implement, and grow the chosen business. This includes:

  • Establishing a viable business plan
  • Gathering investment capital for the business and its expansion
  • Managing a multifaceted marketing emphasis
  • Providing a work contract or letter of invitation for potential colleagues as needed
  • Training staff – developing positive, gospel relationships with them.
  • Developing company policies and protocols
  • Establishing a healthy customer base
  • Incorporating God-honoring principles throughout the business


Spain – Administrative Support

The Administrative Support position is a multifaceted role. The primary function is to support the church planting team, ensuring that it can operate effectively, thereby allowing other team members to focus on their areas of gifting and calling.

As part of a holistic church planting team, this position will support missionaries using skills in organizing, planning, fiscal management, and executing other administrative and logistical functions. In addition, the Administrative Support worker will spearhead the residency process and function as a liaison between the Federation of Evangelical Religious Entities in Spain and the field members. The ability to multitask and manage time well is essential.

This position allows participation in other ministry areas of interest on the church planting team.

Strong organizational, administrative, and people skills are essential. The Administrative Support role must have the capacity to work effectively with a wide variety of workers and organizations. Cross-cultural experience is beneficial, along with a passion for reaching the unreached.

Ideal candidate competencies include:

  • Mature Christian: Displays Christ-like character that demonstrates the gospel with a humble spirit and a listening heart
  • Excellent organizational skills with the ability to multitask and manage multiple processes, including administrative tasks, planning, and the tracking and reporting of data and information in a timely fashion
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills
  • 3-5 years’ experience or training in an administrative role
  • Will need to learn Spanish to a proficient level

The Administrative Support worker is responsible for:

  • Creating and maintaining various records and reports, with the ability to meet deadlines.
  • Helping to maintain the team budget and implement project plans. This would involve taking on the role of treasurer of World Team Spain.
  • Utilizing strong administrative skills, including fiscal management, planning, organizing, scheduling, and coordination of meetings and events.
  • Performing general clerical duties as assigned.


Moldova – Worship/Youth Director

International Christian Fellowship (ICF) is an international church in Chisinau, Moldova, reaching out to foreign workers and students in the capital. People from North America, Europe, India, Central Asia, and the Middle East attend ICF. There is a need for a Worship Director and University Minister to serve in ministry to students.

The Worship Director will lead worship during church services and manage multiple worship teams. The University Ministry role will engage and disciple university students from India and Central Asia.

The ideal candidate must have experience participating in or leading a worship team, be in good standing with their home church, and have a consistent history of working collaboratively with others in ministry. The position requires a desire and vision to see others grow in faith and ministry service and to identify those who are ready to serve.

  • Able to coordinate Sunday worship
  • To meet with students on a flexible schedule
  • To participate in church activities throughout the week
  • Meet regularly with the church Leadership team