Church Planting-Cameroon

Do you have a passion for making disciples and bringing them into community? Do you believe that making disciples of all nations involves Christians gathering together into local bodies for the purpose of exhortation, teaching, worship and prayer?

Do you enjoy sharing God’s Word with others and helping people grow in Christ? Come and make disciples of people with little to no knowledge of the gospel with the goal of gathering them into local churches. Serve among the Baka, Fulbe, Kwakum, Pol, or Nizaa.

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Ethno-arts Specialist-Cameroon

Do you have a passion for sharing truths about God through local art forms such as music, drama, visual arts, and dance? In this ministry, you will use your creative gifts and skills to bring the stories of God’s Word to life.

Work with local artists to facilitate literacy in the local language. Help create art for the retention and sharing of Bible stories. Your artistic skills can be an invaluable contribution to a church-planting team. We are looking for individuals to serve among the Baka and Fulbe peoples.

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Homeschool Tutor-Cambodia

Many missionary children are homeschooled. Families value gifted, creative tutors to help meet their children’s educational needs. Work with a rural team or family to tutor their children while supporting church planting ministry and experiencing the culture.

World Team has a zero-tolerance Child Safety Policy and is a participating member of the Child Safety Protection Network.

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Business as Mission-Cambodia

Use your business education and experience to help create for-profit businesses that will provide jobs and economic benefit to communities in which we are church planting.

We are looking for entrepreneurs who can research and launch small businesses and mentor small business owners. Your work has great value to the communities served and can provide a valid platform for mentoring and discipleship ministries among nationals.

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IT Expert-Cambodia

Use your technical talents and problem-solving skills in support of church-planting teams in Phnom Penh. Come alongside nationals and train them as you go.

Tasks could include creating and maintaining web sites, using mobile phones and radio for evangelism and teaching, and providing computer training and support to missionaries.

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Visual Media Artist-Cambodia

Use your skills and experience in video, photography, writing and social media to creatively tell stories of God’s work among the nations.

You’ll create communication tools to help mobilize new workers to our church planting teams and increase missionary funding and prayer support for ministries in Cambodia. Use videography, photography, and editing skills to produce high-quality media.

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Creative Arts-Cambodia

We are looking for creative people to serve in both urban and provincial settings and use their gifts to glorify the Creator. The arts can be instrumental in creating new opportunities for evangelism and discipleship ministries.

Your artistic skills in music, drama, puppetry and the visual arts can be an invaluable contribution to a church planting team.

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Church Planting-Brazil

We are looking for men and women who want to take up the challenge to reach out to Brazilian indigenous peoples who have migrated to the Amazonian city of Manaus.

As part of a church planting team, you will work in the Portuguese language to evangelize, disciple and prepare these people for leadership in their own churches. We need motivated men and women for all facets of church planting.

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