The INN: International Neighborhood Network

Fulfilling the Great Commission has traditionally meant living in another country and learning a new language and culture in order to develop relationships for sharing the gospel. Today the nations are coming to our doorstep.

There are countless opportunities for workers in the US to love and serve our new neighbors from many unreached people groups around the world. What is needed are open eyes, a servant heart and the courage to engage with people who at first seem very different. Explore your fit with The INN (International Neighborhood Network) to discover how you can use your skills, gifts and abilities to serve those coming to the US who have yet to hear the Good News of Jesus.

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The INN: Bringing Hope to Savannah

Pioneers wanted! Has God given you a passion to reach unreached people in the US? Do you enjoy sharing your faith with people from different cultures and backgrounds?

The INN Savannah is engaging people from over 16 unreached people groups providentially brought by God to our beautiful city. Our team is planting churches through the relationships we make in English lessons, home visits, sports outreach (men) and living life with our new friends.

We are looking for teammates that will engage our friends, as well as help lead our dedicated group of volunteers. Join a vibrant, growing team of INN (International Neighborhood Network) workers and volunteers serving refugees. Use your skills in ESL, literacy, building genuine friendships and holistic ministry to help them adapt to life in the US. Come and share the love of Christ through word and deed as you build relationships with our new neighbors!

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The INN: Lancaster

Lancaster was designated the “Refugee Capital of the US” by the BBC in a 2017 report, based on the number of refugees resettled in relation to the total city population.

Why serve with The INN in Lancaster, PA? Because you have a heart gripped with God’s love for those in Lancaster who have not had access to the Truth, and you are passionate to share God’s offer of forgiveness in Jesus with them.

The INN in Lancaster is currently connecting with seven different Muslim and Buddhist background unreached people groups. Join The INN (International Neighborhood Network) and be part of a small church planting community making a difference in the lives of families of new diaspora neighbors in the unique supportive space of Lancaster.

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The INN: Jacksonville

Are you a natural leader? Are you looking to be mentored into a leadership role? Share your love for Jesus and your spiritual gifts as you prepare to lead a church planting team among unreached people groups in Jacksonville.

The INN in Jacksonville desires to see a community of healthy reproducing disciples living as the church in our area. We are actively engaging refugees from around the globe and are looking for teammates with a heart gripped with God’s love for those who have not had access to the Truth. Come live life with our new neighbors in a cross-cultural community and develop friendships with diaspora in need of a Savior. Explore your fit with The INN (International Neighborhood Network) to discover how you can use your skills, gifts and abilities to serve those coming to the US who have yet to hear the Good News of Jesus.

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The INN: Youth Pastors Needed

Growing up can be tough! But growing up as a refugee is even harder! Do you have a passion for reaching teens and young adults with the gospel? Do you enjoy discipling them into a deeper relationship with Jesus? The INN has a place for you! 

The INN (International Neighborhood Network) serves diaspora from around the world that have come to the US. Join one of our church planting teams and engage youth from around the world desperately in need of hope, friendship and a Savior. Come and use your skills, education and spiritual gifts to create ministry opportunities to serve the nations among us!

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The INN: Teaching English

Teaching English provides an excellent way to build relationships while helping people gain a useful skill. Do you enjoy using your skills to share God’s Word and helping people grow in Christ? 

Do you love the church and desire to see healthy churches grow and multiply? There are many roles in a church-planting team, all with a shared passion for making disciples and bringing them into community so they can, in turn, reach out to others. Find your place on one of The INN (International Neighborhood Network) teams in the United States.

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The INN: Live Out Loud

Are you passionate about sharing your love for Jesus and using your spiritual gifts as part of a team serving unreached people groups? 

We are looking for mature Christians with strong interpersonal skills and a desire to share Christ in response to the work of grace in their own life. Imagine serving among refugees, asylum seekers and immigrants who have never had a conversation with a Christian. Consider the joy of building genuine relationships and sharing with those who have never heard the gospel message. Join The INN (International Neighborhood Network) and be part of an exciting team planting churches among our new neighbors.

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The INN: Central PA

The INN in Central PA serves Arabic speakers from various countries, including Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq and Morocco. There are 160,000+ Arabic speakers in PA — approximately 60,000 in Central PA. Most of these individuals are from the unreached people groups of the world.

The INN in Central PA is looking for teammates who will work to establish Arabic ministries in Central PA that reach unreached diaspora with the Gospel message. These ministries will be implemented as church plants, home churches, community centers, home Bible studies and outreach events. Our mission is to equip leaders to minister among the Arabic speaking people. Join The INN (International Neighborhood Network) in Central PA and use your skills and abilities to serve the nations living among us!

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The INN: Team Leader for NJ

We’re looking for a mature Christian with strong leadership and interpersonal skills and a desire to share Christ response to the work of grace in their own life. 

The team leader will oversee and help mobilize a team of workers to serve among refugees, people seeking asylum and other unreached people groups coming to New Jersey. We are seeking a leader to launch a new church planting ministry site that could include some of the skills identified below:

  • ARTS: Music, drama, oral storying and visual arts 
  • SPORTS: A universal interest and great opportunity to gather people together 
  • COMMUNITY CONNECTION: Help connect people 
  • BUILDING TRADES: Skilled workers or handy-men 
  • EDUCATION: Teaching English, tutoring, reading, and support skills 
  • BUSINESS: Assistance in starting or maintaining businesses. 
  • MEDICAL: Public health, nutrition, parenting, and general health education
  •  RELATIONSHIP BUILDING: Welcoming students, refugees and immigrants 

World Team has a zero-tolerance Child Safety Policy and is a participating member of the Child Safety Protection Network.

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Church Planting-Trinidad

Trinidad is a multi-ethnic nation with a large minority of adherents to non-Christian religions who are mostly unreached by the existing churches.

Join a holistic church planting team seeking to reach these precious people through building relationships of trust and mutual respect so that the gospel can be seen and heard.

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