Mobilization Project

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Phil Parshall, missionary and author, described mobilizers this way: “Someone must sound the rallying call. Those who desire to see others trained, prepared, and released to ministry are known as mobilizers. Mobilizers stir other Christians to active concern for reaching the world. They coordinate efforts between senders, the local churches, sending agencies, and missionaries on the field. Mobilizers are absolutely essential.”

World Team believes that effective mobilizers are essential to raising up new workers for our five priority fields—Cambodia, The Philippines, The INN, Manaus, and Central Asia, and our three new expansion fields.

Funds raised for this project will allow mobilizers to:

  • Create communication channels to promote and raise awareness of the ministry of our priority and expansion fields to create interest for mobilization.
  • Create a World Team presence and share what God is doing through our priority and expansion fields by attending two annual conferences.
  • World Team Mobilizers will travel to their assigned priority field to experience firsthand the opportunities to serve in the specific field. This will allow the mobilizer to coach and identify possible candidates to best complement the team and skill/gifts needed on the field more effectively.
  • Provide scholarships for one extended short-term worker and two scholarships for missions advocates yearly. Missions’ advocates will assist World Team Mobilizers with raising up workers on college campuses or churches.