National Worker Project

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National workers were born and raised in the countries they minister. They have fewer cultural barriers to overcome, so they can readily share the message of Jesus Christ with those who have never heard. National workers are pivotal to accomplishing our mission.

Although national workers still have some barriers, they have an incredible advantage. For example, more than 85% of Asian countries do not allow Western missionaries to share Christ freely, but this restriction does not apply to many of the national workers God has called to serve.

Another advantage is that when missionaries have to leave countries for various reasons, national workers can stay and continue their ministry uninterrupted—God’s amazing loophole.

Our guiding principle of ministering with a facilitative mindset leads to national believers multiplying churches as we reach, invest in, equip, and release them into ministry. In the eyes of locals, national workers do not represent a foreign country or a strange religion because these men and women look and speak the same as them. They grow up knowing their country’s culture and instinctively know the best ways to communicate the love of Jesus so people around them will understand.