RFIS Teachers and Staff

Rain Forest International School (RFIS) teachers and staff are responsible for educating Middle and High School students from Cameroon as well as children of missionaries from all over the world. This enables fellow missionaries to focus on their primary job roles, knowing that their children are receiving an excellent education. RFIS offers academic, social, athletic, and artistic programs in a Christian environment while helping students prepare for the next stage of life.

RFIS is located in Yaoundé, Cameroon, and is a grade 6-12 school. Founded in 1991 to provide an excellent academic program for the children of missionaries in this part of Africa, RFIS now serves missionary families from all over the world, as well as students from Cameroon.

We are looking for teachers and staff with a passion for transforming lives. Listed below are the current vacancies:

Urgent needs:

  • Director of Administration and Finance
  • Guidance Counselor
  • PE Teacher—Middle School and High School
  • History Teacher —High School subject areas of Geography, World History, and Upper-Level Social Studies
  • English Teacher—Middle School
  • Chaplain and Bible Teacher—Oversight of school chapel services and teaching Biblical Studies to High School students
  • Science Teacher—Middle School STEM and High School Biology/Chemistry/Physics

Other openings:

  • Art teacher
  • Music teacher
  • Librarian

RFIS teachers and staff must have a vibrant spiritual life characterized by consistent practice of spiritual disciplines. They will live in a cross-cultural environment, though their ministry will be primarily to English speakers in the Cameroonian capital of Yaoundé.

The ideal candidates have:

  • A Baccalaureate degree in a field related to teaching or in the specific area of expertise for non-teaching positions or equivalent experience
  • Two (2) years’ experience in teaching or in the specific area of expertise for non-teaching positions
  • Willingness to commit to a minimum of one school year

RFIS teachers and staff provide education and oversight for students based upon philosophy, policy, pedagogy, and practice in accord with the Word of God. They encourage students to appreciate each subject area and to apply the Word of God to their own lifelong learning.

Other responsibilities depend on the position. Please contact us for more details.