Philippines Internship

Naga City has a population of 220,000+ people, with nine colleges and universities in a small geographic area. The religious environment is 85% Roman Catholic, 10% animistic Muslim, and 5% other (including evangelical Christians and cults). Naga City is the center of Marian worship in the Philippines, with a yearly festival that can bring in around 2 Million people.

There are several evangelical churches in the area, but their impact on the city as a whole is relatively small, and their impact on the colleges is minimal. Our church plant is focused on a relational discipleship and community engagement approach to reaching several local communities, including college campuses and residential neighborhoods. Our location is between a row of colleges and an impoverished community. The church operates in a multilingual fashion with sermons in English and Tagalog.

Interns will come alongside church planters to participate in outreach events and relationships while also being encouraged to create new connections. Interns will be mentored and supervised by experienced missionaries with advanced degrees. They will learn about crosscultural ministry in an Animist-Catholic environment, working on multi-cultural teams, cross-cultural discipleship, and missiology. Interns will have opportunities for personal and ministry growth with attention to personal and future goals.

Location Naga City, Philippines
Local LanguageTagalog, Bicolano
PeopleFilipino, Bicolano
DatesMay 23, 2024 – July 4, 2024
Team Size 2—4 interns 

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