Chinese Language Student-China


Language students will attend a Minority University in China. They will work with a holistic, long-term church-planting team to create and maintain gospel-driven relationships with Muslim minority students and local individuals they meet through practicing language and classes.

Position Summary

Study the Chinese language at a Minority University. As friendship are built with Muslim university students and neighbors, you will help them connect to a local church planting team. Thes relationships that are established will lead to opportunities to serve, evangelize, and disciple an unreached people group with little to no knowledge of the gospel.

Qualifications and Skills

Candidates should be at least 20 years old and have completed two years of university. An aptitude for language learning and a desire to work with minority Muslim people groups is essential.


The language student will collaborate with a team to help plant a church. They will:

  • Attend classes as a full-time student
  • Live among the unreached people group, learning their language and culture
  • Teach the Bible in formal and informal settings
  • Evangelize and disciple the people