Middle East

World Team exists because entire people groups, like those in the Middle East, have little or no access to the gospel. Where governments have created boundaries and walls to the gospel, God has opened doors. As government leaders pursue their definition of peace, we know that lasting peace can be found only in a personal relationship with God through Jesus, the Prince of Peace.

The Middle East is a region of stark contrasts. Enormous wealth is displayed in modern cities, while nomadic tribesmen in the desert cling tenaciously to their ancient way of life. It is also a region in great transition. After centuries of protective isolation, the people have been exposed to the rest of the world during the last half-century. Though considered by some to be impenetrable with the gospel, we see God moving miraculously in the region.

There are over one billion Muslims in the world. According to the Joshua Project, they represent 22% of the world’s population. A massive Islamic missionary effort is coordinated by the Muslim World League. Vast sums of money are used to propagate Islam around the world: aid to countries considered sympathetic, building mosques, sending missionaries, literature, radio programs, etc. The world’s largest printing presses are in the Middle East and are churning out 28 million copies of the Koran every year for worldwide distribution. If we desire to provide effective opportunities for every person to experience the transforming power of Jesus, we cannot ignore the compelling realities of the Middle East.

It is our joy to send workers to minister among unreached people groups in the Middle East. To live in a Muslim majority country requires a response of love and obedience to God’s call on our lives. World Team ensures that those who go are trained and equipped for faithful and fruitful ministry. We provide care and support that helps these workers thrive as they live and serve in challenging places.

Pray that the Muslim people might come to know Issa (Jesus) not as a prophet, but as the Son of God. The need for workers who desire to reach the Middle East with the gospel is great! Our aspiration is to create and implement new approaches to love and serve Muslims. We use diverse ministry methods and holistic, incarnational approaches that increase trust and allow us to share our faith effectively in word and deed.