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Great Commission Kids

Give your kids a heart for global missions!
Inspire them with stories of how we can share God’s love with unreached people groups.

Elinor Young photoHear GC Kids author, Elinor Young,
on Brinkman Audio Adventures

Elinor's story is now available in a radio story! Brinkman Adventures is an exciting radio show that tells true, modern, missionary stories. Bad Legs Part 1 and 2 are available now for download with season 5! What a blessing it is that Elinor's story is inspiring people in new and interesting ways. MORE INFORMATION

You can watch the Bad Legs video HERE.

The baby came too early!
“Please, God,” she prayed, “send us a water bottle. It’ll be no good tomorrow, God, the baby will be dead. So,...
Hindus Trade Their Idols For God's Love
Marijke told Nadira, "After 23 years of going through religious rituals, I am not satisfied with my life. I have no genuine peace, only...
My Dog, My Neighbors, God's Love
Before I came to Africa, I knew I would have to do some hard things in order to be a missionary, I thought about safety, air...
The Gospel Planted; the Gospel Spread
Indonesia is the world's largest island nation, with about 18,000 islands. Only about 9,000 islands have been named....
David Brainerd: Short Life, Eternal Impact
David Brainerd said, “Nothing seems too hard for God to perform, nothing too great for me to hope from Him.” Often David was...
Truth For Trinidad
We had a team from China there helping us. They gave cards to the children to write their prayer requests, favorite food or interests....
Migrants in North America
Probably some immigrants, migrants, or both are in your school or live in your neighborhood. Some may even live...
The Great Commission
Every Christian is to obey this command by telling others about the Lord Jesus, not only right where they are, but God wants us to care...
Annie Soper - Pioneer Missionary
“When God wants someone to serve Him, He, at times, chooses even the weakest, often the most...
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