Gospel Growth in Cameroon

Lisa and Dan have been with World Team since 1993, and in Cameroon since 1997. Lisa is the field director for Cameroon and oversees more than 20 World Team workers. Dan oversees several diverse ministries in his role as World Team Africa’s area director.

Ministry has been ongoing in Cameroon for decades, and many of the workers there have been there for years. The connections and relationships between the workers there have been a great strength for World Team’s ministries. 

“We have a great team right now,” said Lisa. “We have a lot of experienced missionaries. That gives us a lot of flexibility. We feel like a big family, even though we’re spread out over a lot of Cameroon.” 

They have several people who will be joining the work in Cameroon this year, joining the unique teams that are doing translation work, planting churches, discipling believers, and other significant ministry tasks.  

The Bakoum team is working on a Bible translation right now. “They’re in the early stages of telling oral Bible stories,” said Lisa. “They’re seeing some great responses. They’ve had additional people turning out to the Bible studies and the local church. God’s word, even in the initial drafts, is starting to really make a difference.”

World Team has been in among another people group, the Baka, since the early 1990s. In recent years, our workers are beginning to see the fruits of the many years of labor among the Baka.

“It’s been hard to get traction [among the Baka],” shared Dan. “Over the last ten years, there have been a couple of key leaders rising up.”

“One of them is named Nestor. He carries himself differently. He has a confidence that comes from his faith in Christ that makes him stand out in his own community.”

His growth has been a great encouragement to the team and is helping others in his community see the impact of Christ on a daily basis. As more and more leaders like Nestor begin to rise up, the team is seeing a change in the communities around them.

The Cameroon team is also mentoring national believers who are becoming missionaries themselves. They face challenges as they enter into new people groups to share the message of Christ. World Team workers have had the opportunity to share ideas and encourage them as they foray into cross-cultural ministry for the first time.

To hear more about the ministries in Cameroon, listen to the full interview with Dan and Lisa in our Acts of Faith podcast on SoundCloud or wherever you listen to your podcasts.