Equipping Others in the Philippines

The Philippines, comprised of more than 7,000 islands in Southeast Asia, is the 13th-most populated country in the world, and is experiencing a boom in faith in recent years. World Team Philippines is part of this growth, planting churches among the unreached in both urban and rural locales.

Tom and Kristin have been with World Team for 20 years, spending 19 of those years (and counting) in The Philippines. After many years as traditional church planters, Tom took on the role of Field Director. Two and a half years ago, he and Kristin moved to the capital city of Manila, where they support their team and network with other leaders, churches, and organizations.

“We network with national believers, pastors and organizations so that World Team Philippines can best be positioned to take on new opportunities and follow where God is leading us,” shared Kristin. 

Their years of experience in the Philippines have informed their approach as leaders, and the dynamics of the team in the Philippines reflect their commitment to World Team’s guiding principles.

“As leadership on this field, we promote a sense of family,” Tom shared with us in an online interview. “When one of us is hurting, we will drop what we are doing and help, serve, and love.”

“We’re trying to help all of our teammates to succeed in what they’re doing,” added Kristin. “They are such an encouragement to us, too. We celebrate together when things go well, and we support each other when things don’t.”

The Philippine church has seen tremendous growth in recent years, and our teams are excited to bring new workers into the country to help sustain this growth.

“This is an exciting time in the Philippines. The church is growing. Churches are being planted through World Team,” said Tom. “One of our responsibilities as field director is to keep casting that vision: We’re here to reach, invest, and equip others in our work.”  

There are many opportunities for people from a variety of professional and educational backgrounds to get involved in the Philippines. Currently, Faith Academy has opportunities for those with teaching degrees and a heart for helping missionary kids. There is also a need for people willing to love and support poor, urban squatters in Manila. 

Workers who can help train and disciple national believers to become leaders in their churches and communities are needed, as well. Even people who have an interest in scuba diving and coral reef restoration can find a place on a team in the Philippines. 

These exciting ministries are bringing Filipino people to Christ and strengthening the national church as it looks toward the future.

“The church here is booming,” Tom shared. “While it takes immense energy to lead people to Christ, God is moving in the Philippines in a way the nation has never seen. These are exciting times to be here.”

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