Expanding Outreach in Northern Italy

Italy is still largely unreached by the gospel. Many people are more zealous for soccer than spiritual faith. While Catholicism still retains a strong presence in Italian culture, most people have never been changed by a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

In fact, the hearts of the younger generation are increasingly being pulled towards secularism as they find the ancient faith to be hollow and disconnected from their daily life. As cathedrals become more empty, more mosques are being built to serve the influx of immigrants.

In response to these great needs, World Team is mobilizing three new teams for ministry in Northern Italy:

Team Brianza
Young families have fled the rising cost of living in Milan and resettled north in Brianza province. The region has retained its Medieval beauty and landscape even though it’s now one of the most densely populated places in Europe. Many towns and cities have little or no evangelical witness. Be part of a new team aimed at reaching these young families and commuters.

University Student Ministry
Milan is Italy’s fashion and financial capital and home to prestigious universities. If you thrive in an urban setting and love sharing your faith through relationships, you can help establish this new ministry. Be part of a team using outreach events, Discovery Bible studies, and one-on-one friendship evangelism to reach Italy’s future leaders.

Man reading tract Immigrant Ministry
Thousands of people funnel through Italy each year fleeing hardships in Africa and seeking a better life in Europe. In Northern Italy they may find jobs working in market stalls, factories or machine shops. Often they earn enough to send for other family members to join them.

In partnership with Italian church planters, World Team is launching a new ministry in a city with a large and growing immigrant community. Ministry will be designed to meet pressing physical as well as spiritual needs.

Find Your Place in Italy
Ministry needs in Italy are diverse, requiring teams of people with many different gifts and experiences working together to see churches planted across Northern Italy. The challenges of ministering are great with the pressures of spiritual antagonism and apathy toward the gospel. Italy needs missionaries with spiritual stamina, emotional maturity, and firm faith. Are you motivated by love? A creative thinker not afraid to try something new?

Come to Italy and experience the joy of serving as part of a team restoring the light of the gospel to the hearts of the people in Northern Italy.