Mobilize and Welcome New Workers-France

This role will use communication and organizational skills to help mobilize new workers for cross-cultural ministry, both within and outside of France and will serve as a liaison between field teams and World Team Sending Centers.

The Mobilizer is responsible for planning and coordinating ministry opportunities for new short- and mid-term workers, welcoming them to the field as part of a local church planting team while encouraging and mentoring them in their walk with Jesus. They will also use their training and expertise to develop and utilize a variety of communication tools that will support mobilization of new workers for various church planting teams, as well as the expansion of missionary funding and prayer support for ministries in the Paris area.

  • Christian Maturity: A humble and mature Christian walk with a highly relational temperament
  • Aptitude for Language Learning: Willingness to become proficient in French
  • A solid commitment to the spiritual disciplines (i.e., Bible reading, prayer, etc.)
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Capacity for independent work: The ability to initiate projects, following through to completion

The Mobilization worker will collaborate with a team to provide mutual encouragement and accountability. They will:

  • Establish and maintain positive, local relationships
  • Assist in the church planting process, training local, believing leadership in reproducible discipleship and evangelism methods
  • Network with churches, institutions, and individuals, both within and outside of France
  • Follow up, maintaining contact with potential workers, coming alongside them to disciple and encourage them in their journey with missions
  • Creatively communicate through various means, including videography, photography, writing, and social media, stories of God’s wonderful victories, and the need for more workers
  • Perform other field or agency duties as assigned