Cambodia Internship

World Team has been serving in Cambodia for 25 years. There are currently 35 World Team workers in various locations throughout the country. In Battambang, six WT missionaries and 37 Cambodian staff facilitate and lead the ministries. The ministry Roots of Grace was founded in 2015 with the vision to: “Introduce Jesus into broken situations with the hope of changing generations.” There are now 25 unique sites/ministries taking different approaches with that goal in mind. Ministries include caring for and supporting the education of preschool, elementary, and high school students, empowering women through literacy, vocational training, adult Bible studies, and dorm ministry. In all of these areas, the goal is to love our community and introduce them to Jesus.

All interns will be immersed in Cambodian culture and see what full-time ministry in this context looks like. You will also have some basic language learning while in-country. There are many opportunities to be involved in ministry. Regular activities while on the trip will include participation in daily devotions, daily interactions with our Khmer staff, and gathering with the church.

Location Battambang, Cambodia
Local LanguageKhmer
DatesTBD (12 weeks)
Team Size 1—2 interns 

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