Serving God Together in Asia

World Team’s ministries in Asia are as diverse as the people we serve. What a privilege to be used by God! Are you willing? Do you want to be part of something bigger than yourself?



The Rewards > The Sacrifices

A group of World Team workers who serve in Cameroon were asked a series of questions about their ministry. All have experienced difficulties and sacrifices. I hope you will be encouraged to see that there is no question in their minds: The Rewards Are Greater Than the Sacrifices.



People Need the Lord – Trinidad

Trinidad and Tobago is home to over 60,000 Muslims and over 220,000 Hindus. Our ministry partner, the Evangelical Church of the West Indies, has asked World Team to help them reach their religious minority neighbors. We’re looking for workers who can share their faith with love, respect and conviction.



Plas Prai – 1 Person, Big Difference

The Khmer word Plas Prai means “Transformation.” In 2006 a group of Christians from Australia sought to bring educational transformation into the lives of underprivileged young women in Preah Vihear province. They financed the building of a dorm and Khmer staff enabling poor girls from the province who lived far from a high school to complete their high school education. Now more than 10 years later, the center has seen more than 85% of its students graduate each year, far above the national average.