Acts of Faith – Church-Based Teams

World Team can help guide and prepare your church to send a team of disciple-makers with a variety of gifts to the unreached. Taking ownership and being strategic about planting churches alongside World Team will bless your local church and impact the nations as we bring them the Good News of Jesus.

World Team recently interviewed our Cambodia Leadership Team, and the lead pastor at Davisville Church where the church-based team was created.



Acts of Faith – Haiti

Sean and Heather have been serving on the island country of Haiti for the last 12 years. Heather, an MK, has been a part of what is now World Team since 1972. Sean an Heather have raised four children on the field… and share their backgrounds, and the challenges and joys of serving in Haiti in this podcast.

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Acts Of Faith – Italy

Ron and Amy met and received their calling to become missionaries at a Bible college down South called Columbia International University. From there, they moved up North to the suburbs of Philadelphia where Ron continued his theological studies at Westminster Theological Seminary, served as a youth pastor at Faith Community Church, and Amy took care of her 4 pre-school aged children. In 2009, the family of six launched into a life changing adventure moving to Milan, Italy. Here they are Ron and Amy Smith 12 years later telling you their experience serving as church planters there.



Acts of Faith – The INN

World Team has hundreds of years’ experience and expertise in sending and supporting cross-cultural missionaries to plant churches among unreached peoples around the world. In response to the need and opportunity to reach the US diaspora community, World Team is applying its expertise here in the US. This endeavor is called The INN.



Acts of Faith – Aunt Ginny

Career Missionary… “Aunt” Ginny – as she is known by those she ministers to, served in Indonesia on the island of Borneo beginning in 1971… more that 50 years ago. Trained in nursing, Ginny worked in a clinic located in a remote area of this tropical island, serving thirty-five villages of natives including headhunter tribes. She was used by God to reach out to Children… developing study materials that taught about God while providing vital health information, as well. Aunt Ginny maintains friendships through social media with believers who came to Christ through her work, and are now adults with children of their own.

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Acts of Faith – France

Jerry and Carolyn have been with World Team for 30 years, 25 of them in the Paris area. Part of church planting teams since their earliest days on the field, they continue to oversee those responsibilities while taking on greater leadership roles. Jerry is the Director of World Team Europe. More recently, they have expanded their supervision to include World Team Australia where Carolyn is Acting Director. Their combined insights into the vibrant world of Missions are seasoned and thought provoking.



Acts Of Faith – Trinidad

World Team missionaries entered Trinidad and Tobago in 1951. Christ was preached and churches were planted. Though missionary efforts have been successful, the pressing need in Trinidad and Tobago today is reaching Muslims and Hindus with the love of Christ.



Acts of Faith – Cameroon

This Acts Of Faith Podcast features Lisa & Dan who have been missionaries with World Team since 1993, and serving in Cameroon since 1997. Lisa is the Field Director for Cameroon and oversees a team of more than 20 members who work in social services, translation, church planting and evangelism. Dan is the Africa Area Director, overseeing and developing several diverse ministries among the unreached people groups there.

To learn more about World Team’s ministry opportunities in Cameroon, head to us.worldteam.org/go.

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Acts of Faith – Spain

This episode of Acts of Faith features an excellent video created for Spain several years ago. Spain’s history of dictatorship linked to religion has led Spaniards to be disillusioned about religion and their ability to have a relationship with Christ. With over 6,500 villages in Spain with no evangelical church and no access to the gospel, Spain needs workers! “If people watching would pray it would be a huge blessing because God WILL move!”



Acts of Faith – The Philippines

World Team features Tom & Kristin, Field Directors in the Philippines, their journey through 19 years of ministry, and their team of co-workers.