On Location in Milan, Italy

ReWritten goes “On The Road” to interview “Vince” who is working with a church planting team in and around Milan, Italy. Vince attended RACE in November of 2013, and, after retiring from his Senior Development job at PPG, arrived in Italy in 2017. Vincent was born in Italy, but has lived in the United States for 50 years. Returning to Italy to minister to “his people” has presented more challenges than you might imagine.



Reflections on RACE

RACE is a 7-day candidate evaluation process designed to help you gain increased clarity about God’s calling on your life. RACE is held every March, July and November at our US office north of Philadelphia. Our workers tell you about their experiences at RACE.



50th Anniversary – Dale & Masters

Fifty years ago, on the 25th of September in 1968, Phil Masters and Stanley Dale were trekking through the Seng Valley in Irian Jaya, now Papua, Indonesia, attempting to spread the gospel to the Yali. “As their families waited for a scheduled report about their progress, they learned that a band of Yali warriors had misunderstood their attempt to greet them as an act of aggression. In a narrow gorge, a hail of arrows propelled the two men into the presence of the Lord.” Wife, Phyliss Masters, and daughter, Crissie Masters Rask, explained the events that followed in this recent interview.