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Be encouraged by these stories from our missionary teams of lives transformed by the gospel.

For stories to inspire the next generation, visit Great Commission Kids.

Pray Green

Muslims make up 1.6 billion of the world’s population, with over 250 million Muslims living in South East Asia. We want them all to hear about Jesus. Pray Green is focused on praying, equipping and mobilizing Christians to serve...

The Story of "M"

"As part of World Team’s expansion into the Muslim world in Asia, I met M. While helping her with school work, she shared about her culture, fear, pain and struggles. Her family told her many horror stories of how one would be...

Sheep without a Shepherd

"Ministry among the largest unreached people group in Cameroon (1.5+ million people) is challenging. This Muslim people group is found all across Sub-Sahara Africa with perhaps as many as 300 total believers in Cameroon. There are...

Where There Was No Church

"When the work began, there were no Baka believers, no church, and no focused effort to reach them. But now—in part because of faithful financial support and the ministry of prayer—we can rejoice that there are many Baka...

Holistic Church Planting

"We were wrapping up our day serving street kids when one of them asked if we could help a homeless pregnant woman they knew. The woman, and her family, had been living with her father who was a drinker...

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