Cross-Cultural Workers Project

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World Team envisions a world where the hope of Jesus is transforming communities among all peoples, starting with the nations in our own backyard. With every religion in the US growing faster than evangelicals, World Team has identified an opportunity to reach the unreached in the US and has realized this vision by establishing The INN.

To more effectively carry out the ministry of The INN, it is essential that World Team continue to create and sustain multi-cultural ministry teams. We believe that cross-cultural workers are vital to The INN’s long-term ministry strategy and effectiveness among the unreached. A multi-cultural team adds depth and understanding to identifying and meeting needs in our communities, as well as sharing the hope of Jesus with the US diaspora. A multi-cultural team also adds value as it models the body of Christ to those we serve.

Currently, we have a pipeline of cross-cultural families serving in The INN and additional families interested in joining the ministry. Although they are essential to building effective cross-cultural teams, these families struggle with raising their financial support to be full-time workers with The INN.

World Team is committed to not allowing this financial challenge to stop the gospel from being shared through our cross-cultural workers. The cross-cultural worker project has been created to address this challenge and encourage partners to step into God’s beautiful plan for The INN to serve with multi-cultural teams.