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 World Team is a global mission agency working in a growing number of cities, countries and regions to plant reproducing churches, with the ultimate goal of reaching the unreached of the world.

Below are one-page profiles of many of the countries where we have Long, Mid and Short-Term ministry opportunities.

Unified, Equipped and Reproducing

Some would say that it is against gaúcho tradition to change...
Bringing Hope to a Broken People

Cambodia is a land of mighty rivers and monsoons in the rainy season, dry...
Africa in Miniature

Cameroon has it all. Beautiful mountains, forests, deserts, and broad tropical savannahs....
Cameroon - Oroko
You are Welcome

Hospitality comes easily to the Oroko, but maintaining social harmony is a constant struggle....
China - Han
One Pastor for Every 10,000 Believers

“Diverse” is one of many adjectives that could be used to...
China - Hui
To be Hui is to be Muslim

Imagine being one of 10 missionaries trying to reach 1.5 million Muslims with the...
China - Uyghur
Kind Words Shine Light in the Darkness

Thousands of years ago caravans travelling the ancient Silk Road...
Sowing Seeds of Hope

A multi-cultural team of North American and Europe-an workers, and French church...
Land of Mystery and Spiritual Warfare

Though Haiti is a beautiful nation, poverty and spiritual darkness...
A European Cultural Center

As the heart of the Roman Catholic Church and witness of the birth of Christendom,...
Italy - Milan
Hope for Milan

World Team has been church planting in Italy since the 1970s. Our team in the northern city of...
Looking for Something Else?
There are more World Team ministries to explore. We are planting churches in 28 countries with others on the horizon.
Muslim Ministry
God is Moving Among Muslims

The gospel is for every people group in the world without exception, since all...
New York City
EQUIP:  12 Month Disciple Making Training

Thousands of internationals from least-evangelized countries...
An Island of Change

Papua, once called Irian Jaya, is the eastern-most province of the Indonesian...
A Field Ripe for Harvest

The Philippines is an archipelago of 7,100 tropical islands bounded by the Pacific...
Philippines - Catanduanes
The Land of Howling Winds

Kidney-shaped Catanduanes is the twelfth largest island of the Philippines. Located...
Philippines - Human Trafficing
The Oppressed in our Midst

Human trafficking is a massive issue in our world today, enslaving nearly 30...
A Whirlwind of Change

Spain is the land of festivals! In every city, town and village there is a fiesta of...
Suriname - Hindustani
A Church within Walking Distance

The Hindustani, also known as East Indians, are of Indian decent and began...
Suriname - Tribal
The Trio and Wayana Tribes

The Trio and Wayana live in the dense rainforests that cover most of the country....
International Neighborhood Network

The number of people on the move internationally is greater than ever...
Trinidad and Tobago
Prioritizing the Unreached

Trinidad and Tobago is an island nation in the southern Caribbean just off the...