World Team is a global mission agency dedicated to church planting among UNREACHED PEOPLE GROUPS.

Our goal as a missionary organization is to make disciples and equip the local church to grow and multiply. We do this by sharing the hope of Christ in word and deed among unreached people groups who are separated from the gospel by cultural, geographic, socioeconomic, or language barriers. Our church planting and global missions initiatives have provided service opportunities for people all over the world, and helped to spread the message of Christ to those in need.

What Part Will You Play?

World Team specializes in helping people find their place in missions — whether in prayer, giving, joining a ministry team, or serving short-term. If you feel called to help out and show up in service, we can help to figure out the details. With more than 300 workers serving in 26 countries, our World Team organization has over 200 years of combined global mission history.

“Church planting and global missions have been at the cornerstone of our service offerings for unreached people groups. Here at World Team, we understand that church planting is a marathon, not a sprint. We take great measure to ensure quality when helping to grow and build communities through our global missions outreach.”