Ukraine Refugee Relief – Moldova Team

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Every day Ukrainian families are crossing into Moldova to seek refuge from the devastation of war. Photos taken reflect the broken hearts and spirits of the Ukrainian people. It is estimated that over 300,000 Ukrainian refugees have arrived in Moldova, a small country on the southwest border of Ukraine. A sad reality is that a majority of the refugees are women and children. Many of them have left everything, including their husbands, to find a safe haven and protection for their families. World Team is working to meet their needs and demonstrate the love of Christ.

In this devastating situation and with so many refugees in need, how can you, the body of Christ, help? World Team has established the Moldova/Ukraine Refugee Relief Fund to directly assist with the housing, feeding, personal needs and transportation of Ukrainian refugees arriving in Moldova. In this time of great need and suffering, it is critical to meet both the physical and the spiritual needs by reflecting Christ and sharing the hope of the gospel.

The goal of the relief fund, which at this point will continue through August 2022, is to provide a minimum of $5,000 per month in assistance. These funds will go directly to the support of Ukrainian refugees pouring into Moldova.

Will you join us in demonstrating the love of Christ through your prayers and financial support of the Ukrainian refugees? Partner with us in this incredible work that God is doing through in Moldova World Team!