Esimbi New Testament Publication Project

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The Esimbi team of World Team Cameroon began their work with the Esimbi people in 1987. The team has been working to give the Word of God to the Esimbi people in their heart language, so that they can understand and accept the gospel. Praise God the entire New Testament has been translated into the Esimbi language, the typesetting of the book has been completed, and now the Bibles need to be printed and shipped to Cameroon.

The Esimbi people live remotely in the North West region of Cameroon, in an area bordering Nigeria. Many have moved to the southern part of the country, as well. Although the Esimbi have traditionally been animistic and witchcraft still has a stronghold in the villages, there are now many churches in the area. The churches are struggling due to only having the Bible in the English language, but with the New Testament in the Esimbi heart language, they will be able to truly understand the gospel. This will equip churches to use the Scriptures to evangelize, disciple, and multiply.

It is truly exciting to see God work in Cameroon and the Esimbi people. We would love for you to join us in His work to finish the project and get Bibles in the hands of the Esimbi people. The total cost of the project is $35,285.77

Prayerfully consider a gift to bring the Word of God to the Esimbi people.