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Philippines Typhoon Relief Fund

Typhoon Damage~Update from Edwin & Amy in Catanduanes:

Today, we continue to navigate the devastating aftermath of super typhoon Nock-ten. The typhoon, known locally as Nina, made landfall over the province of Catanduanes on Christmas day.

The island will be without electricity for 1-3 months. Downed power lines are making roads impassable and dangerous. Resources are running low and prices are spiking.

We thank God for sustaining our lives! Because of your prayers and giving, we have been able to help meet the needs of our Filipino brothers and sisters in Christ, as well as others in the community.

Just before the storm hit we packed and distributed hundreds of bags of food items. We are still handing them out. Today we loaded two of our boats to deliver relief goods to isolated communities. We are working in collaboration with local government offices to provide aid.

We are asking for your help! Please pray for those deeply impacted by the typhoon. Especially pray that God would be glorified and that people would come to know Christ through the hardships they are facing.

Consider helping us empower the people of Catanduanes to restart their lives. If we can raise $25,000, we are confident that God will multiply these resources to reach more people than we can imagine with Christ's love.