Missionary Family Care Project

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The Family Care Project focuses on World Team missionaries and their families by providing support to attend family retreats organized by the Global Member Care Team and for their children to attend designated re-entry programs.

The Global Member Care team’s hope is to organize area-specific family retreats helping families proactively address, process and prepare for the unique challenges that come from living cross-culturally. The added benefit is that not only does this project benefit individual families, but it also focuses on the development and deepening of community among families within World Team. By offering this proactive care, we anticipate that attrition rates will be lowered, and families will thrive in their multicultural ministry settings and therefore increase their overall effectiveness in church-planting among the unreached.

The project will also focus specifically on the stressful transition of re-entry for missionary families. By securing partners to assist in funding the retreats, which include re-entry programs, it will strengthen World Team families’ resiliency in this challenging new stage of life.

In addition, this project will cover the cost of supplying a copy of Unstacking Your Grief Tower by Lauren Wells for all World Team adult missionary kids. This book will help MKs process the undeniable challenges they have faced from growing up overseas.

This project is essential to equipping World Team families to face the various stressors they will experience as a result of living/serving overseas.

Will you join in God’s work by providing this important care for our missionaries and their families?