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World Team workers are establishing new avenues to reach a local and global audience through digital media. Through videos, podcasts, and more, our teams in the United States are developing new contacts with those interested in the gospel who may be unable to meet regularly in person.


One of the greatest challenges immigrants face is loneliness.

This is even truer today as normal social interaction has been strangely interrupted. In conversation over the phone, we hear sadness and even despair in the voices of our dear friends. Our mission has not changed. The current circumstances have led us to establish new virtual and digital ways to connect with our international friends during this time in which we cannot gather face-to-face. Read More

Central PA

Our messages are giving hope to Arab speaking people during this crisis!

Our ministry plan was born out of the worldwide COVID 19 pandemic. We have seen that the
people of Syria are responding to our basic streaming efforts. Our hope is to reach hundreds and
thousands of people throughout the Arabic-speaking world. We have seen from our current opportunities to simulcast conferences and share podcasts that people will listen and respond to these communication pieces. Read More

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