Caribbean Regional Training Conference


The Caribbean is a multi‐linguistic, multi‐ethnic and geographically divided region. Our brothers and sisters in these countries feel disconnected from each other. We wish to facilitate networking them together as an expression of Christian fraternity and love. Additionally, each denomination has its own set of strengths and weaknesses and this convention can help them to learn from one another, and to encourage one another, even to actively help one another. Although each local context is unique, there are many commonalities across the Caribbean.

This conference is designed to better equip the attending leaders to reach the unreached in their own countries and point them to send missionaries to other countries. We want to stimulate our national brothers to plant multiplying churches in their own countries and to begin to send missionaries into other countries. Other topics will include leadership lessons from Jesus, multi-cultural teams, mentoring, empowering and succession planning.

Equally important is what our World Team related church associations feel are areas where they need further training. They will be asked to give their suggestions of topics important to them. Our priorities are often not the same as those of people from other cultures.

The expansion of Islam around the world, and in our Americas Area, will be another topic which we will need to address. We are already seeing expanding Muslim populations in several of the countries in which we minister, especially in Trinidad and Tobago, Suriname and Haiti.

Another very important part of the meeting will be to provide an opportunity for networking and dialogue among leaders and pastors from many countries where World Team has planted churches and denominations. Some of these denominations are very active in church planting. Others are stagnating. Some have already sent missionary teams to other countries. Others are planning to do so. Some look no further than their own borders. Our sincere desire is that these brothers and sisters will stir one another’s hearts as they share what God is doing in them and through them in their own countries and abroad.