Spain Internship

Opportunity Full/Closed – 2025 Details Coming Soon

World Team has nearly 40 years of church planting experience in Spain. World Team Spain is committed to maintaining a national vision of church planting and creating an environment that stimulates innovation. Opportunities to reach out to Spaniards are numerous, and our desire is to empower each person to maximize the use of his or her Godgiven gifts to serve. We currently have seven teams using their unique gifts and skills to share the gospel with those around them. Recent years of economic upheaval and increasing secularism have served to dull the Spanish people to their tremendous need for the gospel of Jesus Christ. It’s not easy work in Spain, but the need is tremendous!

A fresh wind of faith is needed in Western Europe today. Come to Spain and explore the challenges of sharing the good news of the gospel in a place where secularism reigns and the Bible is seen as a thing of the past. Engage a people who no longer believe that God exists while you learn from missionaries experienced in communicating God’s Word in a post-Christian climate. You’ll get practical experience in teamwork and have the opportunity to see a variety of ways that church planting takes place. Take advantage of your time in Spain and experience the culture, enjoy new foods, and see new places.

Location Caceres and Madrid, Spain
Local LanguageSpanish
DatesMay 24, 2024 — July 6, 2024
Team Size 2—6 interns 

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