Do you love working with tools and serving others by solving problems? Use your construction skills to work as an on-site technician and fix-it person.

You will provide practical support for missionary teams by doing minor repair jobs on buildings, vehicles, solar panels, or other equipment, as well as train nationals in your trade. Your ministry will play an active role in a holistic church-planting team in Indonesia.

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Women’s Ministry-Indonesia

Your gifts in teaching, discipleship, organization, counseling and mentoring can bless women who are hungry for spiritual encouragement. 

We need flexible, relational and team-oriented women to develop and model a discipleship ministry that can be multiplied. Join our holistic church planting team and let God use you!

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People with formal and informal training/experience in teaching English are needed on church-planting teams. Your students will gain a valuable skill while you have a natural bridge for building relationships and sharing your faith.

Come join us in Indonesia and teach English to developing Church Leaders and/or get involved with Community Center Outreaches.

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Evangelism and Discipleship-Indonesia

Be part of a holistic church planting team that enjoys sharing their faith and testifying of God’s goodness in their everyday lives. Help others grow through one-on-one interactions or in small group settings.

Learning the language and culture is a vital part of this ministry. We are looking for mature Christians with strong interpersonal skills and a desire to share Christ with others.

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Church Planting-Indonesia

Share your love for Jesus and your spiritual gifts as part of a church planting team among people groups with little or no knowledge of the gospel.

Cultivate your passion for making disciples and bringing them into community so that they can, in turn, reach out to others.

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Field Administrator-Indonesia

We need good people with gifts in administration and organization! Serve missionaries by managing administrative and logistical details for a team or region.

You should be able to multi-task and manage time well. This vital support role allows other team members to focus on their areas of gifting and calling.

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Mobilization Specialist-Indonesia

Are you a people-person who would enjoy encouraging and mentoring your fellow missionaries? Use your communication and organizational skills to help mobilize new workers for cross-cultural ministry. You will be a liaison between field teams and World Team Sending Centers.

You will be responsible for planning and coordinating opportunities for short and mid-term workers. You will serve from Indonesia so that you can welcome new workers to the field and be an active part of a local church-planting team.

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Community Development-Indonesia

Use your skills and experience in community development to make a positive impact in the spiritual and economic life of individuals and communities in Indonesia.

Our approach to church planting is holistic, addressing the expressed needs of the people we serve while sharing Christ. Come as a student and a listener who is able to discern and develop contextually appropriate solutions.

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Finance Manager-Indonesia

Do you enjoy working with numbers and spreadsheets? Use your business and accounting skills in support of a cross-cultural church planting team.

You will be responsible for finance tasks, processing residency visas, and providing organizational support to the team in Indonesia. This position allows participation in other ministry areas of interest to you on a church planting team.

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Technology Specialist-Indonesia

Do you love keeping up with new technology? Can you be creative and resourceful under less-than-ideal circumstances? Use your technical talents and problem-solving skills in support of church-planting teams.

Come alongside nationals and train them as you go. Tasks could include creating and maintaining web sites, using mobile phones and radio for evangelism and teaching, and providing computer training and support to missionaries. There may also be opportunities to use Computer Classes as Community Outreach.

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