Homeschool Tutor-Cameroon

World Team has been working among the Baka people for nearly 30 years. The Baka people live in remote villages near the rainforests in Eastern Cameroon. Currently, there are two church planting teams in different Baka villages. A variety of ministry focuses include construction support, agriculture, medical, fitness, youth, translation & literacy work. The teams are also supporting and developing leaders for the local Baka churches that have begun. Leaving the Baka with scripture in their own language is a huge priority as they seek to develop and release local leaders in these churches.

The Hanson family moved to Cameroon in September 2021. Their ministry focuses on translation and literacy work among the Baka people. To minister to the Baka people, they must first learn to communicate effectively in the Baka language. They are currently working full-time on language learning which is very hard to balance with three kids at home. A tutor allows them to focus on language learning and preparing for Bible Translation. Because of the village’s remote nature, it does not have all of the comforts of a more developed area. Wifi and cell service are limited.

Location Ndjibot, Cameroon
Local LanguageBaka
DatesAugust 21 – December 15, 2023
Team Size 1 Tutor 

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