Fitness Center Internship-Cameroon

This ministry uses many different avenues to accomplish the proclamation of God’s Word. We use chronological oral Bible storying as a training tool for raising up leaders in this oral society and focus on small groups of men, women, youth, and children. It is also a high value that we raise up leaders from among the Baka people to lead the churches that are being planted. The Baka are often passed over for more educated people, but the Baka should know that they are also highly loved and are able to be equipped through God’s strength to lead others to the knowledge of Jesus Christ.

You will serve on the field with seasoned church planters dedicated to raising up church leaders from the local population. Interns will partner in a ministry focused on leading classes of primarily non-English speaking athletes of various ages. It is expected that the intern is able to properly demonstrate athletic movements and assist others in achieving the proper movements as well. Many of the students that initially participated in this program are now regular attendees of the local youth ministry. The goal is to provide a gospel presence as we interact with the participants. God’s Word is shared with athletes and spectators at every class and during competitions.

Location Ndjibot, Cameroon
Local LanguageBaka, French
DatesTBD (8 weeks of semester)
Team Size 1-2 Interns

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