Europe Area Internship

Each World Team field has its own approach to ministry, but the desires are the same: introduce people to Jesus, disciple them, and release them into ministry. Visiting multiple mission fields will give you a taste of how in different countries a variety of strategies are used, but the same Gospel is proclaimed. France is shaped by humanism, Italy by the Catholic Church, and Moldova by its communist past. Rather than seeing Europe as all the same, you’ll see how different histories and cultures lead to different ways of doing ministry. The Gospel first came to this continent almost two thousand years ago, but Europe is in need of people and churches that can once again make known the Good News of God’s love offered freely in Jesus.

Interns will begin in the 15th District of Paris. There you will learn about the spiritual climate of France, visit different church plants, and meet French pastors and church planters. Interns will then travel to Milan, Italy and continue to assist with different ministries. You will also have the chance to connect with a local church plant and spend time with Italian believers. Finally, in Moldova interns will plan for & teach in an English camp which will help build relationships with local families and give opportunities to show the love of Christ.

Location Paris, France; Milan, Italy; Chisinau, Moldova
Local LanguageFrench, Italian, Moldovan
PeopleFrench, Italian, Moldovan
DatesJune 3 – July 12, 2023
Team Size 2—5 interns 

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