Cross-Cultural Internships

If you are interested in long-term cross-cultural ministry, but first want to explore your fit by serving and learning on a short-term internship, then let us invite you to go with World Team. Through this internship, you will further your understanding of God’s mission and how He uses the gifts, abilities, and passions that He places within each of us to build His Church among the unreached.” Consider how you could take your current education and gain concentrated, hands-on experience serving with a team of church planters! As an intern, you will join a team of disciple-makers working among an unreached people group. You will participate in cross-cultural life and ministry alongside World Team missionaries ready to mentor and help you process what you are experiencing.

  • Location Options: Cambodia, Cameroon, France, Philippines, Spain, United States
  • Types of Internships: Church Planting, Intercultural Studies, Teaching English, Sports Ministry, Diaspora Ministry, University Students, Children’s Ministry, Ethnomusicology, Community Development
  • Length: 2 weeks – 4 months

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